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Zinc Food

Zinc is known as an essential trace mineral as it helps with keeping good health. It’s directly associated with cellular metabolism and catalytic activity of more than 100 enzymes. Zinc also plays vital roles in immune functioning, DNA synthesis, protein synthesis, cell division and wound healing. It’s also necessary to keep our sense of smell and taste alive. Zinc deficiency can result in impaired immune function, hair loss, diarrhea, impotence and a lot of severe health issues. It’s essential that one regularly has foods with zinc to avoid zinc deficiency. So, we’ll discuss the most efficient food sources of zinc in this article.

Foods Containing Zinc

Zinc is available more or less in all types of foods all around the world. Here are some of the best zinc content foods in this article.

  1. Meat

Meat, especially red meat, is perhaps the most popular zinc foods sources in America. Beef, lamb, pork and even chicken are great sources to get your zinc from. 100g raw ground beef has 4.8mg zinc, 176 calories. 20g protein, 10g fat and many other important nutrients.

Whereas it’s great to take red meat for zinc, you should also remember that processed red meat and chronic heart diseases are intricately related. Incorporate fruits, fiber, and vegetables in your diet to balance the red meat intake.

  1. Oyster

If we’re talking about high zinc foods, no other food comes close to oysters in terms of zinc content. 6 medium-sized oysters will provide 32 mg of zinc. Not only zinc but oysters are also high in protein and vitamin C. Oysters can be pretty tough to include in our daily routine. But if you’re experiencing zinc deficiency, you can take oysters by broiling them with herbs. Raw oysters are great too but you need to get them from a reliable source since they can cause food poisoning if the source is not authentic. Raw oysters go well with horseradish.

  1. Legumes

You can find zinc in foods like lentils, beans, and chickpeas which fall into the category of legumes. You’ll get 25mg zinc from a cup of chickpeas. They’re also rich in fiber which helps with maintaining good blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Legumes are not as effective as meat-based zinc sources since they contain phytates which are anti-nutrients that restrains the proper absorption of zinc and other minerals. But if you’re strictly following a vegan diet, legumes are an excellent source of zinc. You can add the legumes to your salads, soups or stews.

  1. Seeds

When it comes to foods naturally high in zinc, seeds are highly suggested. It’s also one of the primary sources of zinc for the vegans. Hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and squash seeds are all great sources of zinc. 3 tbsp hemp seeds have 31% of the zinc requirement for men. These seeds not only fulfill the zinc requirement of the body but will also provide your body fiber, vitamins, healthy fats, and minerals. If you manage to include seeds in your regular diet, you’ll also have balanced blood pressure and reduced cholesterol.

  1. Nuts

Nuts like peanuts, pine nuts, almonds, and cashews are another source of zinc. Nuts are also high in fiber, fat, minerals and vitamins. Among all the nuts, cashews have a higher rate of providing zinc to the body. 28 g cashews can fulfill a man’s daily zinc requirement by 14%. Nuts are also helpful in battling heart diseases, diabetes, and even cancer.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are a moderately good source of zinc. You can incorporate 2 eggs in your zinc sources diet. A large egg can fulfill 5% of the zinc requirement of a man. But eggs have other health benefits since it comes with protein, calories, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins.

  1. Dairy

You can also find foods high with zinc in the dairy section. Milk and cheese are two of the most popular dairy product for fulfilling the zinc requirement. Dairy products contain bioavailable zinc which can be easily absorbed by the body. You can also have yogurt for zinc since a cup of it fulfills 49% zinc requirement of a man.

28% of a man’s zinc requirement is fulfilled with 100g cheddar cheese. A cup of milk will fulfill 9% of the same requirement. But dairy products have additional values like improving bone health and providing calcium, protein and vitamin D for the body.

  1. Dark Chocolate

Yes, you’ve read that right. Dark chocolate can be your zinc provider. A 100g dark chocolate provides 3.3 mg zinc. But remember that dark chocolate is also high in calories. The same amount of dark chocolate will have 600 calories. So, don’t make dark chocolate your primary source of zinc.

So, start taking these zinc rich foods from today before zinc deficiency hits you. Apart from the list above, you can also take whole foods for zinc. Zinc-rich foods will provide you excellent eye health, help with oxidative stress, improve skin and heart condition, stimulate muscle growth and balance the hormone level in your body. If you feel that foods with zinc aren’t fulfilling your zinc requirement, you might consult a nutritionist about taking zinc supplements.

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