8 Foods to Avoid Cancer

cancer causing foods

Want to keep yourself safe from cancer? Then why not quit the cigarette to start with.

There are a number of other cancer causing foods that you can stop taking as well, this will not guarantee anything and if cancer still has to come, it will. Think of this measure as a preventive measure where you give yourself more of a chance to not get cancer.

There are also a lot of foods that you should eat that helps to avoid cancer and prevent it, however, this list is about foods that you should avoid eating as they are cancer causing foods.

Alcohol – You knew this was coming, right? Alcohol is particularly bad with breast cancer; it does not go well with the hormone balance of your body. Also, beer can cause colon cancer.

Red Meat – We have discussed how red meat is bad for your heart health but now here is another reason why you should avoid red meat. Vegetarians are the least affected when it comes to cancer, perhaps it is due to the good things that the vegetables have or perhaps meat has the cancer causing features. When meat is cooked at high temperatures it becomes an even greater threat for cancer. So, overall, try limiting meat as much as possible.

Sugar – Sugar has been long connected with cancer, especially the processed sugar. Perhaps replacing it with honey will be a better idea.

Fried foods – While definitely not good for your health either way, fried foods are also connected with cancer. You have seen it on the junk foods stand, how they heat and re-heat the oil and keep cooking. Have you ever seen them replacing the oil and starting fresh? And why should they, it is far cheaper for them to keep using the used oil and re-used oil.

Soft Drinks – Might not be connected directly but soda does lower your other drinks like drinking water and fresh fruits juice that is good for your battle against cancer. Also, these fuzzy drinks make you fat which is yet another cause for cancer.

Salt – Certainly something not recommended with high blood pressure, however it is also a cancer causing food. Try to limit it to a very low amount, as salt can be a risk for stomach cancer.

Sea Foods – Not sure how much we can blame the sea food as the pollution drenched seas are more of a human fault mostly. And sure enough, as the sea gets polluted, so are the fish that lives in those waters. Eating that kind of foods increases the cancer risk in humans.

Raw foods – While raw foods are always on top of my healthy foods list, here they are making a list of foods to avoid. Fruits and vegetables that are grown non-organically, that is with the help of pesticides are always a risk for cancer, and more so when you eat them raw.

There are a number of other things you can do as well to prevent cancer, like quitting smoking, eating healthy foods and vegetables and maintaining good lifestyle habits like proper exercise and staying fit. This list is certainly not complete rather just to get you started on the right path for fighting and preventing cancer.

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