7 Ways to Prevent a Drug Addiction Relapse

Recovery from an issue as serious as drug addiction is no easy feat by any means. But even harder challenges are bound to spring along, as one slowly eases back to a normal life. During the period of sobriety, it is only normal that temptations get too hard to resist. A relapse is found to be really common amongst addicts trying to recover, and can have really hard setbacks for the overall goal. This makes it important to analyze the situation during such a time, in order to prevent a relapse. Let us have a look at some of the ways by which a relapse can be avoided.

1. Close knit supportive group

One of the primary reasons drug addicts are seen to initiate the path of recovery would be for their loved ones rather than for themselves. It is to this level that good support can push a person to give up addiction. This is also why family and friends who surround you during recovery have got to be entirely supportive of your new self. Any sort of criticism may instill self-doubt, which can result in taking a step which might end up in relapse.

2. Analyze triggers

Every person would have their own set of triggers which have been responsible for the wrong path that they followed. Be it emotional or physical, triggers have a repetitive pattern and have got to be avoided. During the period of rehabilitation, you would have come to realize the various triggers which can set you off. Always keep them in mind and analyze the entire situation to make sure that you do not put yourself in a precarious position.

3. Keep busy

The key to keep yourself from falling back into a destructive pattern is by distraction. Getting a proper job which requires a large share of your time would be the best way to make money and at the same time be too busy for any distractions. A hobby would be another great way to spend your time wisely. Choosing one which you love and one which helps you stay focused is another method to avoid unnecessary actions which may result in a relapse.

4. Keep away from drugs

It does seem to be the first and foremost step and is easier when in rehab. Things would definitely get harder once you leave the center and begin the process of easing back into the society. Temptations can be in the form of friends, parties and a list of other sources that would have utterly nothing to gain from your recovery from drug addiction. This makes it really important for you to serve your priorities and strictly stay away from drugs to prevent any sort of slip ups. If you feel the need to talk with someone or to ask for help, mind that will always be the option of a Drug Treatment Centre.

5. Stay strong

It is quite hard to continue to resist all the temptations which keep popping up from your past. But for a better life, it is important to stay strong and not give in to such temptations. Assuming that there has been a slip up along the way, which should not have happened in the first place, it is up to you to take initiative at that point. Make sure that the slip up does not turn into a relapse by reminding yourself of the reasons that you began to turn over into a new leaf.

6. Reward yourself

You are worth every bit as someone else and have to be treated the same. As you achieve your goals, and stay away from addictive and toxic elements which surround you, make sure to treat yourself by getting something which you have always wanted to have. The money which has been saved by staying sober can be spent on yourself to remind you of the person that you are today and to motivate you to continue along the same path.

7.Follow a healthy lifestyle

The entire process of rehabilitation does require a lot of physical endurance and mental strength. This can only be achieved by keeping yourself in the best possible form. By eating right and maintaining a routine, one can fall into a productive pattern which does not leave enough time for unnecessary thoughts or actions. Also start exercising in order to allow oxygen to clear the mind for better thoughts and also for better blood flow to the entire body.

Relapse is something which a person who is recovering tries really hard to not fall into. Only by following certain precautions and staying strong willed can the person achieve the end result of a better life.

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