7 Top Health Benefits of Yoga

Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is the currently the best whole body exercise to take whether at home or in a yoga center. Different from other fitness exercises and gym, yoga helps improve physical, mental, psychological and social well-being.

Among the on psychological benefits of yoga is improved mindfulness and stress relief. Others include boosting of self-esteem, reducing anxiety, reducing depression improving sleep among others.

Yoga can be practiced anywhere for it needs fewer tools. Yoga can be worked at home or you may join a yoga center for better opportunities. Practicing at home requires just a few things.

Of most importance is yoga mat. Most activities are done on the mat and it is thus very vital. Other things you can add are best yoga shoes (buy now), yoga wheel, yoga meditation pillow, yoga chair, yoga socks, yoga toes and balance ball chair. Doing yoga at home might require an instructor. In this case, a DVD will do just fine. Yoga exercises must take care of the whole body, internal and external.

The health benefits of yoga are so many. Some overlap with psychological benefits while others help build other benefits. This article highlights 7 Top Health benefits of Yoga as appears below.

1. Improves Flexibility

Yoga is very vital in the improvement of flexibility. Different from gym exercises that build muscle and leave flexibility, yoga is all-inclusive. Yoga involves movements and stretching. This helps greatly in improving the flexibility of tight areas such as hamstring, hips, shoulders and the back.

When you starting yoga, you will notice some pain and aches in doing some stretches and movements. You also won’t reach some parts of the body like touching the toes. Later, after frequent exercises, you will notice ache and pain disappearance. You will do what you couldn’t before and touch where you couldn’t.

2. Helps Fight Disease

Proper yoga exercises and good blood circulation is very useful in fighting diseases in the body. Exercise improves blood circulation. Improved blood circulation helps keep heart disease away. Breathing practice is an asthma killer. Asthmatic cases always improve on practicing yoga especially pranayama. Yoga also improves joint and bone health. This fights arthritis to the last level. Proper blood circulation is also good in calming the body. Body calmness is important in fighting insomnia.

3. Improves Spine and Joint Health

Yoga is an exercise of low impact movements. These low impact movements are very crucial in creating suppleness of the spine. The spinal discs are correctly and slowly packaged thus avoiding vertebral shocks. The likelihood of an injury in yoga is near zero. The muscles around the joints are strengthened by yoga.

4. Improves Breathing and Blood Flow

Yoga involves breathing exercises called pranayama. Proper breathing is very important to one’s body and mind because it helps in relaxation of the mind. It helps pump oxygenated blood into the cells which improve cell health and functionalities. Breathing exercises are good for clearing nasal passage blockages and help calm the nervous system. Yogic breathing involves few but great volume breaths.

5. Enhances Body Balance

Several yogic exercises help in proprioception. This feeling of the body is good for body balance maintenance. Wrong balance caused by poor posture, long sitting hours and driving for a long time is disastrous. It interferes with spinal flexibility and causes spinal compression and tightness. Yoga helps in body balance.

6. Builds Muscular Strength

Since yoga deals with many poses and exercises, muscular strength is improved. Good muscles are very crucial in matters of fighting arthritis and back pain. When practicing yoga, engage exercises such as tree pose, downward facing dog exercises, and such other muscle building yoga. Yoga builds muscle and flexibility simultaneously.

7. Memory Boost

Yoga has the ability to help you reduce mental stress and also physical tension. When your mind and body are relaxed, mindful, free of depression and stress-free, your mind becomes more organized. In this situation, the mind has a very high recalling ability. Memory is greatly boosted by this relaxation.


Yoga is not only psychologically important but also physically. There are top health benefits of yoga that cannot be overlooked. Yoga helps reduce chances for diseases and also fights them. It’s good for air and blood circulation. Joints and muscles are often improved through yoga. It is easy to start and practice.

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