7 Surprising Benefits of CBD Oil

The world is slowly but certainly adopting the use of Cannabidiol (CBD) and this popularity is likely to continue with the heightened interest by nations to put in place regulations that do not entirely criminalize cannabis use. Several studies have demonstrated that indeed there are several ways in which cannabis and some of its compounds can contribute to the wellbeing of humanity.

CBD is one of the compounds found in cannabis that has aroused the interest of l health practitioners, the general public and policymakers as well. CBD has been studied at length and its use has reportedly grown in several parts around the globe. What are the benefits that proponents of CBD oil have found in it that make them keep on drumming support for it?

1. Lowering Anxiety and Depression.

Several factors have contributed to an increase in the cases of depression reported globally. It is reported that depression is the biggest cause of disability in the world, while disorders from anxiety are ranked sixth in this category.

CBD oil has been found to perform optimally in the treatment of anxiety. In a study that involved 24 participants, subjects were given either 600mg of CBD or an alternative of placebo drug. They were then subjected to a speaking test. It was found that participants who underwent CBD treatment demonstrated less anxiety.

The ability of CBD oil to reduce stress is attributed to its action on serotonin receptors found in our brains and which are responsible for the maintenance of general mood and feeling.

2. CBD is also helpful to the heart

A study published by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology opines that CBD has protective abilities against vascular damage resulting from a high level of glucose environment.

In another study, nine healthy men were given a dose of 600mg CBD oil to compare its performance against placebo drugs. It was found that those using CBD oil had lower resting blood pressure. The same men were given stress tests to increase blood pressure. Results indicated that their blood increased just slightly than normal.

CBD oil is therefore continuously demonstrating a significant difference in response to care for the heart.

3.Fighting Acne with CBD oil.

It is estimated that acne affects on average 9% of the global population. Among related causes are genetic bacterial infections, oily secretion and among others.

CBD oil has been found to prevent sebum gland cells from producing excessive sebum and also prevents the activation of agents that arouse acne such as inflammatory cytokines. You can use diamoncbd.com coupon codes to purchase relevant products.  

Further studies on these and more possibilities are also being developed with promising results.

4. CBD oil in the treatment of Cancer.

As the world grapples with the challenges presented by the effects of cancer, several treatment options are being looked into. CBD oil has the ability to reduce nausea and vomiting resulting from chemotherapy. Interestingly, it is the combination of CBD with THC(the compound responsible for the high in cannabis) that has been found to greatly reduce nausea and vomiting resulting from chemotherapy.

5. CBD helps to quit smoking

A publication in the journal Addictive Behaviors supports the idea that CBD oil is helpful in assisting people to quit smoking. It cites a study in which 24 smokers were equipped with inhalers laced with either CBD or placebo substances and were supposed to inhale for a week any time they had the urge to smoke. Those with placebo inhalers didn’t reduce their cigarette consumption, but those with the CBD-based inhalers recorded a 40% decrease in their urge to smoke. Of course. this theory depends on the strength of your product and how much CBD is in each inhaler. 

These are groundbreaking findings that will no doubt be advanced through further studies going forward.

6. Treatment of Autism and Seizure disorders.

The interaction of CBD oil with the endocannabinoid oil produced by the body plays a key role in various metabolisms. It is also effective in influencing social behavior, rewarding process, circadian rhythm among other essential neuro-transmission processes.

For this reason, CBD is found to be effective in the control of autism as well as seizures.

A commonly cited drug is Epidiolex, which is derived from CBD oil and which is used for reducing seizures in children suffering from Lennox- Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Epdiolex is approved by the FDA.

8. CBD in fighting Diabetes.

One study involving mice reported that CBD effectively reduced diabetes occurrence in young non-obese mice by a commendable margin. In mice that had been treated with CBD, diabetes development came down to 30% while in mice not treated with CBD it was recorded at 86%.

CBD is able to delay the destruction of pancreatic cells producing insulin. This approach correlates very well with therapeutic treatment of type 1 diabetes.


The field is only opening up and there is a lot to look forward to. It is however clear that the future will rest on such innovative approaches to help solve some health challenges.

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