7 simple ways to gain lean muscle fast

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Although the summer, for many of us, may now be winding down and drawing to a conclusion, that doesn’t mean we have to revert back to poor dietary and lifestyle habits which result in us gaining weight and looking and feeling far unhealthier than we have for a long time.

Whilst many people use the colder and darker months as an excuse to binge eat, skip workouts, and just generally lead their physiques slide, why don’t you make an exception, and whilst everybody else is looking worse, you could make yourself look better?

Rather than skipping workouts, eating junk, and gaining body fat whilst losing muscle, you could instead burn fat, tone up, and build lean muscle instead.

For people looking for athletic and aesthetic physiques, gaining lean muscle is most certainly the way to go, and for that reason we’ll now be taking a look at 7 simple and effective ways to gain lean muscle fast.

Consider fat burners – Fat burning supplements have received a fair amount of negative feedback and attention over the last few years, because sadly, less reputable countries have been created their own products, with no safety guidelines and no real testing procedure enforced either, making their products dangerous.

If however, you purchase your fat burning supplements from reputable companies, in countries with stricter guidelines and rules, not only will your product be guaranteed to be safe, it will also be guaranteed to work as well.

For people looking to gain lean muscle fast, fat burning supplements are ideal.

They contain natural ingredients and stimulants, including caffeine and taurine, which help to boost the metabolism and turn you into a fat burning machine.

Increase training volume – Another very effective way of increasing lean muscle mass, is to temporarily increase your training volume for several weeks, with 6 – 8 weeks being a great starting point.

By increasing training volume, you’re basically putting your body under increased pressure, which will force it to respond by generating more muscle mass.

For example, rather than 8 – 10 reps per working set, why not aim for 14 – 16 reps instead?

Instead of 4 working sets, why not perform 6 working sets, and why not include an extra two or three exercises whilst you’re at it?

Pyramid training – Another very effective method of training to gain lean muscle fast is to try what is known as pyramid training.

Basically, with pyramid training, you will either start with a heavy weight and low reps, making each working set slightly lighter and performing an extra two reps, or you’ll start with a light weight and high reps, and will go heavier and perform fewer reps.

This is another very effective, proven strategy for lean muscle growth and fat burning in the process, due to the fact that you move through each set so quickly.

More cardio – Sadly, as much as we dislike it, cardiovascular exercise is a key component of any lean muscle gaining program and it is something that can’t be avoided.

With lean muscle growth, the idea is to obviously build as much lean muscle as possible, which means keeping body fat percentages as low as possible.

Cardio is a proven strategy which is ideal for doing just that, so you may wish to seriously consider doing more of it.

In terms of what you choose to do, that’s really down to you.

Some prefer steady state cardio on the treadmill, some go for early morning walks or runs, some go swimming, some go cycling, some play sports, and some try circuit training.

In reality, as long as it gets your heart rate up and raises your core body temperature, you will benefit.

If however, you’re used to performing cardio twice per week, think about doing it three or four times per week instead.

More protein – Protein is essential for any lean muscle gaining program, or any muscle gaining program at all for that matter, so making sure you get enough on a daily basis is absolutely essential.

Aim for around 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight, making sure to space servings out throughout the day.

Protein is especially beneficial for lean muscle growth because it actually boosts the metabolism because it’s harder to digest than other macronutrients. As it’s so hard to digest, the body has to work harder, so more calories are burnt.

Supplements – Never underestimate the power of supplements.

If chosen and used correctly, supplements have the power to really take your body to the next level and give you that slight edge you may have been lacking.

The thing to remember here, however, is that supplements are designed to compliment an effective diet and training regime, so if either one of those two things is not up to par, you may as well save your money.

Popular examples include: whey protein, omega supplements, creatine, multivitamins, or maybe using Clenbuterol for some extreme cases.

Get your diet right – Finally, one of the most effective ways to gain lean muscle fast is to ensure you’re fuelling your body with all of the right foods and drinks at the right time.

Forget sugary sodas and drink water.

Forget processed ready meals and opt for fresh and natural meals instead.

Make sure you eat healthy fats as a natural testosterone booster, and also don’t forget to choose the healthy protein sources, mainly complex carbohydrates, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables which are full of nutrients that your body will thank you for.

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