7 Problems a Facelift Can Fix

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A facelift is a type of cosmetic surgery or facial toning procedure to make the face appear younger. As its name indicates, the procedure helps to improve appearance by ‘lifting up the face’. However, a facelift can actually do more than that. A facelift can rectify countless things that you are not happy with your face:

  • Loose skin

Loose and sagging skin can make a person look much older than he or she actually is. A facelift aids by trimming and then tightening the skin to make it look younger. This is carried out to help the face look like it did prior to it suffering the ravaging onset of aging.

  • Sagging face

One explanation why the face starts to sag with age is because the facial muscles become weaker as time goes by. Through a facelift, these muscles are tightened to aid in enhancing the overall facial appearance.

  • Facial contours

Facelifts may aid in improving the many facial contours, for a stronger jaw line, or more defined cheekbones. These augmentations can give someone a younger appearance.

  • Sagging jowl region

The one thing that can cause a person to look older than their actual age is sagging in the jowl region as well as the lack of tone in the neck and chin area. The cervicomental angle beneath the chin loses definition with the passage of time as skin elasticity reduces. Localised fat usually accumulates at this site as well. Facelift extends into this region, tightening skin, removing fat and giving an overall toned appearance around the neck.

  • Lack of plumper cheeks

Those who desire plumper cheeks can have it via facelift. A lot of people lose fullness in their cheeks as they grow older, thus regaining it means regaining a smooth and youthful face. During a facelift, the superficial facial muscles are usually re-lifted to add volume to the midface.

  • Wrinkles

Those with tight skin might realise the fine lines that emerge around the eyes, forehead and mouth. These lines can be wiped out by undergoing facelift.

  • Low confidence

Those who managed to use facelift to rectify their problem regions find their confidence strengthened. It is impossible to have a good self-esteem should one not have a face he or she desires.

This is where Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre comes in. Make an appointment with its surgeons for a customised facelift surgery and you need not feel inferior anymore, as the facial faultiness you have been afflicted with shall finally be a distant memory.

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