7 Popular Diets According to Health Experts

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We’ve all been there: standing in front of the mirror and wondering how this tire-like blob of fat dare besmirch our otherwise fit physique. The logical next step is to get rid of it. But how? No matter how much you exercise, the weight loss is insignificant in comparison to the time you’re investing. The crux of the matter is, exercise alone won’t ever get you that ideal body of yours. No, what you need is a diet to accompany that exercise.

As such, here’s a list of possible diets to choose from, with facts you should consider while deciding which diet is best suited to your needs.

1) Ketogenic Diet

The trick is to get the body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates. To do so one must reduce carbohydrate intake and increase the consumption of healthy fats like avocados, coconuts, seeds etc.

It utilizes fat deposits for fuel, creating substances called ketones through ketosis. It aids the management of diabetes, metabolic health, weight loss and as a treatment for epilepsy.

2) Zone Diet

It’s all about balance, as in balance between the carbs, proteins and fats consumed in each meal (40 percent, 30 percent and 30 percent respectively). Controlling your insulin levels is another point of emphasis, which has the potential to result in more successful weight loss and control than other approaches. It encourages the intake of high-quality carbohydrates.

3) Atkins Diet

It involves a low-carbohydrate diet and a focus on controlling the insulin levels. Large amounts of refined carbohydrates cause the insulin levels to rise and fall with alarming speed which in turn instructs the body to store energy from the food consumed. The body generally doesn’t use stored fat as energy; hence, people on Atkins diet avoid carbs and load up on protein.

4) Raw Food Diet

Popularised as “raw foodism”, it refers to the practice of consuming food and drinks that are unprocessed, plant-based and preferably organic. Those following this diet try to ensure that three-quarters of each meal consists of uncooked food. However, understandably, there are significant risks involved with suddenly shifting to this diet so check with your doctor beforehand.

5) Vegan Diet

There is immense commitment required to veganism, seeing as they bar all animal and animal-based products from their diet completely. No meat, but no eggs, honey dairy etc. either. While there are significant health benefits, vegans believe that veganism is a more sustainable practice for the world in a long-term manner, as opposed to intensive farming. Once again, check the risks before choosing to go vegan.

6) Vegetarian Diet

Studies have shown that vegetarians typically have a lower body weight, greater immunity and a longer life expectancy than those who eat meat. That said, there are many types of vegetarians, so you might want to do your research and determine what sounds best for you before making any decisions. Most vegetarians are lacto-ovo vegetarians; they eat eggs, dairy and honey but no other animal-based foods.

7) Mediterranean Diet

As the name suggests, the emphasis is placed on plant foods, fresh fruits, nuts, beans, whole grains, seeds, and olive oil. Cheese and yogurt are incorporated as required. There’s moderate amounts of fish, red meat, eggs and wine involved; to soothe your skepticism, this diet is the most exhaustively researched diet on this list and is guaranteed to improve a person’s quality of life. Let’s leave that electric rider for some other time, eh?

There you have it, seven diets and their succulent features for you to tighten that belt as you please. No more stressing about your cholesterol or worrying about the eventual onset of diabetes; pick one of these and you’ll be beating the blues in no time. Make sure to check in with your general physician beforehand, especially when considering one of the riskier diets. Eat well and happy dieting!

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