7 Healthy Snacks for Quick Weight Loss


Are you on the journey to weight loss but just cannot stop yourself from snacking? Well if that’s the case, you’d be happy to know that this is totally normal behavior; most humans cannot survive on three square meals without snacking anymore!

In fact, Doctors and nutritionists recommend that you should often snack between meals to make sure your body does not think you are in starving conditions. Snacking frequently is actually great for keeping our metabolism up as well.

But in this situation reaching out for a large bag of potato chips or a jar of cookies is never a good idea. Especially since we snack between every meal, and then again at midnight! So we need to stuff our fridge with healthier items that will not have such a detrimental effect on our health.

So we have gone the extra mile and prepared a list of seven of the best snacks you can munch on if you want to lose weight:

Dark Chocolate

It has been found that dark chocolate is great for speeding up your metabolism and helping in weight loss. Dark chocolate has also been linked to decreasing levels of cholesterol and decreased chances of heart disease. To top that off, it is so delicious. You can add it to a number of recipes or just eat it as is. Dark chocolate easily tops my list of the best healthy, weight loss snack!

Kale Chips

So kale is a very controversial subject lately, diet fanatics love it and have experimented with adding it to everything. So you can totally skip this if you don’t like Kale but it is super nutritious and Kale chips can totally substitute for potato chips (yeah, maybe not taste-wise but as a munchie), especially if you eat them with some homemade sour cream.

To make kale chips, just sprinkle kale with olive oil, salt, black pepper and any other seasoning of your choice, line them on a baking sheet and bake till they are crispy. For sour cream, just mix together some Greek yogurt and low-fat mayo!


Nuts are high in HDL, which is what we commonly call good fat. They leave you feeling full, suppress your appetite, decrease chances of heart diseases and lower blood sugar. Eating nuts in combination with dark chocolate is the best thing!

Celery Sticks

Celery sticks have been well-known as a diet snack since ages now! Celery sticks by themselves are almost completely water and fiber. They fill you up and add almost no calories to your daily requirement! They are commonly eaten with cream cheese, peanut butter, raisins, and nuts. For a similar snack, you can also use other fresh vegetables like cucumbers and carrot sticks. They have a higher nutritional value than celery sticks and I personally find them to be more delicious as well.

Yogurt Bowls

Greek Yogurt is another staple food that you can find in every health fanatic’s refrigerator at all times. So you can add any number of things you want to it for a delicious yogurt bowl! For example, my favorite bowl has mixed berries, nuts, and honey. But you can add dark chocolate, apple slices, peaches, and anything else that comes to mind! Always sweeten it up with honey, unless you can handle it is just a little sour.


Okay, here is another favorite of mine. Popcorn is delicious, just season it with a pinch of salt and you have a tasty, savory snack to keep you full and your digestive system running. But remember: popcorn has almost no calories but only when it is air-popped.

Oil-popped popcorn has a considerable number of calories. Oil-popped popcorn can still be used as a diet snack but only in a limited quantity. Air popped popcorn always has the risk of being burnt but you can avoid that with nonstick pots, which brings me to another point: try to not eat microwaveable popcorn because of the large number of preservatives, flavoring, and oil they are drenched in.

Boiled Eggs

I remember there was a time when eggs were notorious as cholesterol-raisers and were frowned upon as diet food. Nowadays eggs are treated much more kindly. Even the largest chicken eggs have less than 100 calories!

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noor najamNoor Najam is a 22-year old student who loves to explore food delights and ever-growing new tastes of different regions. She likes to stay fit and make healthier food choices. She thinks she should have studied a culinary related bachelor’s degree instead of her current bachelors in Social Sciences. She regularly posts on https://pateeri.com/.

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