7 Health Benefits of Parsley


Parsley has always been seen as an ingredient used for garnishing. But apart from that it is one of the best herbs that come with health benefits as well. Adding parsley in very little amount can prove beneficial. Talking in medical terms, parsley is counted as an anti-cancerous herb. Here are some great facts about parsley that will let you know a lot of good effects of parsley. It not only adds taste to the meals that you take but enhances the quality of food.

Health Benefits of Parsley

1. Anti-Cancer

As it is already known that parsley is anti-cancerous; it has been seen that it is very effective as it protects intestines and liver against the deadly cancer. It has been found out in studies that there is an essential oil contained in parsley. This is an organic compound called myristicin. Myristicin is responsible for inhibition of tumor. This effectively controls tumor formation in the lungs. Apart from tumor inhibition, this organic compound is also responsible for the activation of an enzyme. This enzyme is named as glutathione-S-transferase. The enzyme supports the molecule called glutathione and then fights against the molecules that are in oxidized state. Infact, myristicin also has the capability to neutralize many carcinogens like benzopyrene which is present in the smoke of cigarette. When this benzopyrene passes through the body, it can cause damage. But because of myristicin prevents the intestine against prostate and colon cancer.

2. Antioxidant

There is an antioxidant called arsenal and parsley is rich with arsenal content. This antioxidant also includes a flavonoid known as luteolin. The flavonoid luteolin looks for free radicals present in the body and eliminates all of them. Free radicals are responsible for adding oxidative stress in the body cells. In fact, luteolin is also believed to enhance metabolism of carbohydrate. This in turn acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for the whole body. Apart from all this, two tablespoons of parsley has more than 12% RDA of vitamin A and 16% RDA of vitamin C. These two are extremely strong antioxidants.

3. Anti-Inflammatory

Vitamin C in parsley along with luteolin acts as a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent and protects the body against any inflammation. There are many disorders that result from inflammation. Osteoarthritis is one such example. If parsley is consumed on regular basis, it can prove to be effective against the onset of such disorders. Osteoarthritis is a disorder where the bone and the joint cartilage over it start getting degenerated. Apart from this, the consumption of parsley can also protect a disorder called rheumatoid arthritis. In this disease, the joints suffer from terrible inflammation.

4. Healthy immune system

The two vitamins found in parsley, namely vitamin A and vitamin C. Both these vitamins have the tendency to strengthen the immune system of the body in many ways. It has been found that vitamin C is important for collagen. Collagen is found in the connective tissue and it is the major structural protein. Collagen plays a very important role of maintaining proper teeth and healthy bones. In fact, collagen is considered to be extremely essential as it accelerates and enhances the capability of the body to repair and heal wounds.

On the contrary to vitamin C lays the other; vitamin A. Vitamin A is responsible for fortification of entry points like lining of the eyes, mucous membranes and intestinal, respiratory and urinary tracts in the body. The greatest fact about vitamin A is that the lymphocytes or the white blood cells are dependent on vitamin C. It is this vitamin that helps the WBC’s to fight against infections. Hence, vitamin A is taken as an integral and an important part of the immune system.

5. A healthy heart

Our body contains an amino acid which is non-essential. This non-essential amino acid is known as homocysteine. When the level of the blood vessels in the body becomes very high, this amino acid, homocysteine is the one to threaten the body. Vitamin B9 or folate is present in parsley. This vitamin B9 is responsible for the conversion of the harmful amino acid called homocysteine into free harmless molecules. By now, we know that parsley is used for garnishing as well. A continuous and regular garnish of this wonder herb called “Parsley” can help you to strike away cardiovascular diseases. These cardiovascular diseases include atherosclerosis, heart stroke and heart attack.

6. Vitamin K

153% of RDA of vitamin K is contained in just two tablespoons of parsley. And this in turn is essential in the synthesis of osteocalcin. Osteocalcin serves as a protein that provides strength to the bones of our body. In short, it improves the composition of the bones. Many a times, calcium builds up over our tissue. This in turn paves a way for diseases like cardiovascular diseases, strokes and atherosclerosis. In this direction, vitamin K is the one which comes out as a life saver. It is vitamin K which prevents the formation of calcium in the tissue. It therefore cuts down the risk of such disorders.

Apart from prevention from the above mentioned diseases, vitamin K in parsley also leads to the synthesis of sphingolipid. It also leads to the synthesis of fat which is essential to take care of the myelin sheath present around the nerves. This is extremely important to maintain the nervous system.

7. Mixtures & treatments

Parsley is a good cosmetic solution when it comes to face cleansing. It can also treat certain illnesses like asthma, toothaches, anemia, obesity, menstrual disorders and even tumors. This is because parsley leaves are excellent adjuvant.

a. Parsley powder: Parsley seeds are grounded with the help of electrical grinder. The mixture is closed hermetically and placed in the fridge. A half spoon of parsley should be consumed twice or thrice in a day to see it’s after effects.

b. Parsley poultices: Poultices are made from parsley powder or the leaves that are properly crushed. Then the poultices are applied to the areas that have been bit by mosquitoes. However, it is important that poultices should be used and applied in the next half an hour after it is made.

  • Parsley is an anti-cancerous herb that fights against prostate and colon cancer.
  • Parsley poultices can provide relief against itching.
  • It keeps the immune system healthy.

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