7 Health Benefits of Juicing


For the past month or so, we kept talking about health benefits of various fruits and vegetables. Am sure you must have eaten some fresh green vegetables, or fresh juicy fruits? But still, eating and chewing might not appeal to many when they can actually drink the same.

Yes, we are talking about Juicing, the cold-press method of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables and drinking them in peace. While drinking the juice is both tasty and easy, compared to chewing vegetables, the health benefits remains the same, or in some cases gets increased due to the combination.

Following are the health benefits of Juicing.

More in less portions – Imagine eating and chewing for an hour, you stomach might get full in the process. However, when it comes to drinking the same vegetable in juice form, it contains at least 5 times more nutrition value compared to it’s whole form. Just drink one glass of carrot juice and you are done for the day.

Kids and their tantrums – Ever tried to feed a kid broccoli? Sounds like an impossible idea for many. However, if you were just to juice it in a mixer grinder and make a small glassful of it, even consuming it yourself will be loads easier.

Cleaning the System – Our body constantly repairs and removes damaged cells. Juicing helps in this process, as there is hardly anything in the vegetable juice to digest, so it gets into the system quickly and clean it.

Lever Detox – You must have heard how detoxification is important to your health. Talking about liver, since it clean blood all the time and juicing enters the blood stream real quick and then gets into the liver and clean it as well. This is an important step as far as self-detoxification is concerned.

It is cheap – Yes, money matters and while you always thought that buying a juicer would cost plenty, you just cannot be further from truth. Vegetables are always cheap, and they are way healthy compared to animal protein. Any vegetable juice is much cheaper compared to meat or fish.

It is quick – Imagine chewing bowl full of vegetables, not tasty for sure and the time it takes is an extra burden. Now if you were to juice, it would just take a few sips and you are done. Some excellent vegetable based Healthy and nutritious food, right down under your throat in a matter of seconds. What else can you ask for?

All nutrition intact – Juicing does not kills the nutrition of the original fruit or vegetable. For example, if you drink carrot juice, the vitamins and minerals that are available in the carrot, goes into the juice. So the juice is pretty much as good as the vegetable itself. However, I must mention that some fiber does get lost in the process, so perhaps not making it really fine; rather keeping some amount of pulp in the juice might be a good idea.

There is not much of a difference between eating the vegetables raw compared to having it juiced, but the question is, will you eat the vegetables raw? For most people, the answer is no, hence juicing is an alternative which is pretty efficient in getting those vegetables into your stomach without much hard work. Also, the same is true for fruit juices. Eating apples raw might seem like a time taking work but having it in juice form not only reduces consumption time but also makes it tasty.

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