7 Dieting Tips to Increase Energy and Vitality

Dieting Tips #1:

You couldn’t survive without body fat. It is essential in almost every bodily biological function. To learn how much body fat you have you need to calculate your body mass index (BMI).
Take your weight in pounds and multiple by 703
Take that number and divide by your height in inches
Then take that number and divide by your height in inches again
If your answer is 18.5, you are underweight and should be concerned. Those who score above 25 are overweight. If you are 30 or above then you are obese, but if 40 or above you are morbidly obese.

Obesity is a real health risk, and it should be taken seriously.

Dieting Tips #2:

The Center of Disease Control and Prevention have discovered a startling fact. Women die more from heart disease than from all cancers combined. Exercise and you will see results faster like improved cardiovascular health and toned muscles.

Dieting Tips #3:

You should do something, even a little change, toward improving your health. Doing lots of changes at one time can be overwhelming and can lead to failure.

Dieting Tips 4:

Always have low-calorie healthy snacks with you in case you become hungry. Vegetables, fruit, and food high in fiber are excellent choices. You could avoid snacking if you have 6 smaller regular meals daily. This would increase your metabolism which would cause you not to crave snacks.

Dieting Tips #5:
dieting tips diet-food
Most diets reduce your calories to less than you burn causing loss of weight. You will not lose weight fast because the body thinks you are starving so the metabolism will slow down to keep you alive. Your lost weight will be mainly muscle weight not fat.

Foods that boost metabolism put on muscle while burning fat.
The best of these foods is lean protein found in chicken and fish.
Other good foods are green vegetables, and whole carbs such as
whole wheat bread, whole grain pasta, and brown rice.

Dieting Tips #6:

Drink a glass of water before your meals as a means to lose weight. Also drinking water reduces cravings because water causes the body to think it is full. People who are somewhat dehydrated tend to think they are hungry which causes them to snack.

Dieting Tips #7:

How you think about food is important! Consider food as nourishment. Savor every bite taking time to chew your food. There are several minutes between when your body is full and when your brain tells you so. Therefore, before you feel full, stop eating. Every meal should have fruits and vegetables because of their low calories and dense nutrients.

Because of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, make sure you follow these dieting tips.

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