7 Daily Habits to Raise Your Self Confidence

how to build self confidence1. Start each day alert and ready for action

Confident people love life so much that they do not want to waste any minute. Start your day ready and prepared to proactively engage with the day and you won’t waste the rest of it trying to catch up with yourself.

2. Schedule for today to be an abundant day

You are the person who decides how to start the day.You decide if it is going to be a day thatis rich and precious, full of interesting experiences, or one of constantbattles to be fought. Your experience begins in your mind. As you start the day, decide how it’s going to be, savour every moment to the full, look for the best in every situation, enjoy everything around you.

3. Exorcise through exercise

Strange as it may seem, you can go to the gym tired or beingdown, but when you finish your workoutyou will feel energized again. Your brain loves exercise. Lately, researchers have contradicted the common belief that you are born with a fixed number of neurons, and that your body will not generate other neurons throughout your life. Even adults can develop new brain cells, and exercise is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Find a form of exercise that you enjoy and do it regularly..You will definitely improve your learning skills, concentration and abstract reasoning.

4. Go outside and Wonder At the Beauty of the Sky

Remember that a whole world waiting beyond the walls of your house. Take the time every day and stop to observe nature, passing of the seasons, changing colors of the sky. Take heed that you are part of something much bigger than your own universe and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding.

5. Be generous

Remember that what goes around comes around. They give whatthey can, when they can – whether it’s their time, talent, money,energy, or love. Aim to give to others and remember to give to yourself too.Generous thoughts nurture your mind and attract generous peopleto you.

6. Review today and create your tomorrow

At the end of each day, mentally review what happened and how you experienced the events. Maybe things have not turned out the way you wanted, but you can learn from it. Maybe you schedule too many things to accomplish. Thus, before bed, you could write down the five most important things you want to do the next day. It can be anything, but make sure they are important and that they are congruent with your values. While you sleep, your subconscious will work for you and will show you a way that you could achieve them the easiest way.

The next morning, before you get out of bed, take the list and decide how you insert and prioritize those tasks and activities in the program of that day. Thus, you have a set schedule that will help keep you focused.

7. Connect with your life purpose

If you were to ask yourself what is the purpose of your life, you may not have an immediate response. After some investigation, you may find an answer like: I want to make the difference. I want to make the world a better place. I want to create love, joy, magic, harmony, peace and so on. I want to be an example to the others. I want to live a better life.
Your confident action is based on the meaning you make of what happens for you day by day, year by year .For this reason, the way you experience confidence is so different from the others.  Nobody can give you a magic elixir to make everything wonderful for you. You need to find your confidence for yourself.

If you accept that you are responsible for your journey, you’ll find more clarity and freedom and thus the confidence to be yourself and do what is right for you.
When you go through each day, keep a broader picture of your life and make sure that what you are doing now fits well with this perspective. Then you can simply enjoy life, knowing that you are being your best confident self.

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