6 Wound Care Supplies Every Medical Practice Must Have


Medical establishments over the years have worked wonders in their advancement by enforcing proper procedures backing with proper equipment and medical supplies. It has thus come to a very crucial matter when we address the issue of wound care.

Besides other medical practices, wound care procedures require the closest of attention to eliminating the risk of surgical infections, which gave birth to the modern day Tegaderm dressing. The process allows light and air to pass through. Thus it is essential to have the most proper medical supplies for wound care. The following are six wound care supplies every medical practitioner must have.

Tegaderm dressing supply:

The dressing layers oftentimes require the need of bandages which secure the layers in place while providing a germ-free and dry condition for the wound to heal fast. There are many types of bandages in use depending on the importance of these supplies. It ranges from the small to cover paper cuts to large ones for covering giant gaping wounds.

The bandage has been the only go-to option for dressing wounds, which is called the new Tegaderm dressing.

  • allows wounds to heal faster by preventing moisture
  • enables air and light to pass while blocking germs
  • perfectly waterproof for ensuring complete dryness
  • variation in sizes for covering wounds of all types
  • combined with adhesive to induce fast healing

Wear latex/non-latex gloves before treating wounds:

The latex or nonlatex gloves are mandatory since the hands would be touching the wounded area. The necessity calls for precautionary measures for both the surgeon as well as the patient, thus completely eliminating the possibility of germ intrusion.

Furthermore, all medical practices must

  • have an unlimited supply of latex gloves
  • check for the doctor’s credibility online
  • discard old/used gloves completely

Alcohol pads for disinfecting the wound:

Support equipment and supplies for the procedure are also crucial and these are our very basic alcohol pads for prepping any wound before performing surgery.

  • ethanol eliminates microbes manifesting any wounded area
  • used primarily before injecting or cutting the skin
  • blocks microbes, bacteria, and germs from entering into our body

Sponge gauze prevents excess blood flow:

Once the wound is tended, it needs to be examined further for complexities prior to dressing. Oftentimes, the wound has to be cleaned or covered with a sponge gauze for washing away and stopping the blood flow.

  • woven fabric that soaks blood and stops leakage
  • acts as a sterile barrier against bacteria and germs
  • stabilizes the healthy portion of the skin around a wound
  • there are separate dressings for tending burns

Use cotton-tipped applicators:

The cotton-tipped applicators, which are plastic guides with rounded cotton edges on both ends have multiple uses.

  • applicators are mainly used for collecting blood samples
  • allows you to swab wounds to be recovered for a lab test
  • used primarily for applying ointments to sensitive wounds

Every medical establishment is expected to possess this valuable medical supply as it’s offering a wide variety of uses mainly for dressing wounds.

Keep bandages in place by wrapping with a medical tape:

The last step of the dressing can’t be completed without using a vital element to keep the bandages and layering on point, and it is achieved using the medical tape only.

  • promotes faster healing due to the adhesive
  • the tape is specialized for application on human skin
  • prevents moisture and germs from affecting the wounded area
  • has multiple categories of medical tape depending on the type of wound


Meanwhile, keep in mind that all these aforementioned medical supplies have to be used with extra attention to prevent any possibility of infections during Tegaderm and/or other dressing. Missing out on any might cost a hospital or practitioner thousands in malpractice lawsuits.

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