6 Wine Etiquette Tips You Cannot Miss Knowing

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Most people love going into the winery or the tasting rooms, but they also feel intimidated. However, you do not need to feel intimidated anymore because people who are in this industry have a fascination for sharing information. A perfect sommelier is not only responsible for selling products to you but they are also responsible for making you enjoy the wine that they have created. You need to discover new bottles of wine and you will also enjoy learning about them in details.

Given below is the list of the tips that you can follow when you are visiting the tasting room.

Asking questions

Ensure that you are asking questions to the staff, whenever you are in the wine tasting room. If you do not know what you should be asking, you should start by gathering information about the winery and get into details about the brand. Ensure that you are taking advantage of the training and try to make sure that they are talking about the product in details. You are going to learn almost everything when you are listening about how they are making wine.

Manners make a lot of difference

You have to remain respectful and polite to the server. The professionals who belong to the huge industry of wine are responsible and they also take the job seriously. Therefore, you need to respect their knowledge. If you do not like anything, you can definitely speak up but ensure that you are using your manners.


It is absolutely alright to spit when you are tasting wine. When you are constantly testing numerous bottles, you have the choice of overindulging or getting overwhelmed by the different flavors or you can use a cup or a spittoon. The buckets, which are present at the wine counter is present for pulling your excess wine. Ensure that you are using your napkin and cup and when you finish drinking, you should dump it within the bucket.

Revisiting the bottles

If you are interested in tasting a particular bottle of wine once more, you should ask politely whether you can revisit that particular bottle. It is acceptable to try wines, especially when you are considering purchasing it. However, you need to ensure that you are polite. According to www.ag.arizona.edu, average sale through the tasting rooms is around 10%.

Follow all the rules

When you are in a tasting room or the winery, you should never argue with them or underestimate the rules that they have. After all, it is completely their place, their preferences, and their liabilities. You have your own set of rules in your home and you would not like if anyone is breaking them. Therefore, it is crucial that you honor the policies of the winery. You can opt to purchase the bottles of Sokolin Fine Wines as well.

Speak clearly

The tasting room is almost like fine dining restaurants. Ensure that you are behaving in an appropriate manner. Try to speak clearly to the server and ask for everything that you require. However, ensure that you are not yelling across the entire room.


It is important that you keep in mind all the etiquettes that have been mentioned above when you are visiting the tasting room. Remember that you are not going to like it if everyone behaves in an inappropriate manner in your home and you should also take care of your behavior in the winery.

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