6 Ways to Manage and Avoid Neuroma



It is normal to experience tingling on your feet, but it can be an early sign of neuroma if it happens between your toes. A neuroma (Morton’s neuroma) is a common condition mainly to middle-aged women and can be painful, affecting the quality of your life. However, with experienced medical professionals such as the Naperville neuroma specialists at American Foot & Ankle Specialists, you can receive expert diagnosis making the complication straightforward to treat. It is also possible to avoid or reverse the condition with a good care routine for your feet. Here are some tips to help you manage and prevent neuroma.

Change Your Shoes

It has been found that narrow and uncomfortable shoes are among the leading causes of a neuroma. Therefore, changing your shoe collection should be the first treatment option you employ to manage your condition. Consider replacing your shoes with those with wide-toe boxes and low-heeled shoes. If you are an athlete, choose footwear with ample padding to cushion your feet when participating in your activity.

Consider Custom-Orthotics

Sometimes you might endure neuroma due to nerve compression due to some structural complications within your foot. In such cases, you might benefit from adhesive neuroma pads locally available in stores and pharmacies. The pads are designed to slip inside your shoes under your forefeet to counteract the issues causing your disease. It is better to consult your doctor when fitting the pads to get custom-made ones for better results.

Managing Inflammation

Sometimes you can feel irritated when you are enduring neuroma, and taking certain medications such as over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can help you experience relief. Additionally, you can also take off the weight from your feet by sitting down when you can. Also, massaging your feet can provide some much-needed relief. But do not take any medication without your doctor’s approval.

Try Corticosteroid Injections

This is a way of managing pain from irritated nerves without making permanent structural changes to your feet. However, the injection is mainly recommended as a short-term treatment option and may be used alongside other alternatives. Additionally, it is necessary to make some lifestyle changes to maintain the results and eliminate the condition.

Try Cold Therapy

Consult your doctor about cold therapy for neuroma to manage pain from the irritated nerve. Cold therapy aims at killing the irritated nerve cells by freezing the affected area. The condition has been proven effective to the extent of minimizing the chances of the disease recurring. If it is your first time considering this therapy, please consult your doctor for directions about how to go about it, and be sure to follow the instructions carefully.


Although this may not be among the initial plans to manage your neuroma, it can be necessary depending on the severity of your condition and how it responds to the conservative treatment options. It comes as the last option after others fail and reduce pressure to the affected nerve or eliminates the nerve. However, it does not guarantee success and comes with several risks and drawbacks. Therefore, consult your doctor adequately.

Reach out to American Foot & Ankle Specialists today to learn more about how you can manage neuroma. The treatment option approved will depend on your unique needs and the severity of your condition.

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