6 Ways to Find Success with Long Lasting Weight Loss

weight loss

So, you’ve tried the trendy diets or the starvation diets. They didn’t work. They never do. You may have lost the pounds, but BAM! Just like that they’re back. Everyone has been there. It is time to lose the weight forever this time. We aren’t going to tell you to exercise like crazy and skip birthday cake. That kind of lifestyle wont work, not long term any way.


Every diet in the history of diets have told you that water is important. You know this too, but it is true. You have to get enough water. Your body doesn’t function very well without it. It actually puts a ton of stress on it to be dehydrated. A normal range of water intake is about 64 ounces. Set a reminder on your phone and measure it out to stay on track.


You need at least eight hours of quality sleep. Your body is under stress when you don’t get enough sleep. You will take in extra calories and will want to skip out on exercise when you are tired, which will cause you to fail. Here’s nice infographic with reasons why a good night sleep is essential:

Increase Metabolism

Yes, you need to eat more. Choose high protein meals and snacks. It is recommended to eat six times a day. Be sure to limit the sweets, because that can cause you to snack extra. Plan to have three meals and two or three snacks. Plan your food for the day and stick to it. This will help you to stay in the right caloric range. If you are planning to go to a birthday party or event, plan your day so that it is ok to indulge.

Food Journal

If it goes into your mouth, put it in the food journal. This is a good way to track your progress and be accountable. You may not realize how much extra you are eating until you log it. You should also note how you felt that day. Were you tired, hungry, or energized? This journal will help you find the right amount of food for your goals.

Nutrients & Supplements

Your body craves nutrients. If you aren’t giving it what it needs, you are going to struggle to keep the pounds off. Track the nutrients that you are taking in. If you are lacking in an area, you can take vitamins and supplements to help bridge the gap. When you are choosing what to take, be sure to look for honest supplement reviews. Listen to what real people are saying about them, not what the company is saying.

Cheat day

Why have your diets failed in the past? You may have lost weight just to find it again, quickly. This is because you have restricted yourself from the foods you love. It’s important to have a cheat day so that you can have the foods that you crave. If you limit something forever, you’re bound to fall off the wagon. Plan this cheat day during the week. Throughout the week, when you have a craving, add it to the journal. Tell yourself that you can have it if you earn it. That soda or pizza that one day won’t ruin your progress. Be sure to limit it to just that day. If you didn’t earn your cheat day, do not take it.

These are the most important things to do to lose weight long term. This is a lifestyle change. Drink water, sleep well, eat often, and let yourself eat cake. All of these things will help you to be successful.

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