6 Ways to Find Like-Minded People

If you were lucky as a child, you found an activity or hobby that brought you passion. Whether it was sports or art or theater, that experience taught you wonders of yourself and the power of camaraderie. In the time since, though, you’ve changed immensely, and the things you need from your tribe have changed.

Likemindedness has come to mean something different. Connected, social, and mutually supportive of the achievement of life goals. When it comes to friendships now, in a word, you’re adulting. Here are six ways to find like-minded people.

Be Yourself

It seems simple enough, but this tenet is vital. Feeling grounded in your person is principal in attracting the people you’d like around you. You’ve also got to be clear with yourself on what you expect from friendships and what you’re offering. There is no such arrangement in which you get all you wish without offering something of yourself in return. Offer your best self and seek the same in others, and you’ll make more genuine connections.

Set Clear Intentions

In meeting new people, no matter how you go about it, you should know what’s stimulating your engagement. In other words, what’s your why? At a professional networking event, everyone knows what brought them together. Approaching a gentleman that you find handsome is something different. While telling him he’s handsome may seem forward, it’s a compliment that breaks the ice and expresses absolute confidence in oneself as well. Cute or not, though, you surely know to exercise caution. Look him up here at “people search free.”

Be Brave

The chances are that if you’ve concluded that you need to make some new friends, then maybe you’ve also pondered this with some anxiety. Best advice, let it go. Be charming by being no more than you have to be, yourself. It sounds cheesy, but if you’re looking for a new tribe because you feel a sense of entrapment and like you have to act a certain way in your current crew, you’ve got to remove the mask you’ve been wearing. After that, be courageous and use tools such as social media to find events for people that share your interest.

Don’t Judge

It’s so easy to judge others and to, in turn, feel judged. We do it instantly. We are swiping right and swiping left and making snap judgments in a seemingly thoughtless process. It’s genetic hardwiring that sticks with us from when the ability to assess situations quickly was required to survive. So slow down. When you’re seeking out a new crowd of people, you do not need to be judgemental. A person’s quirks make them who they are, in the same way yours round you out.

Don’t write someone off because they seem like your opposite. You’re looking to make friends, not a clone. Besides, maybe you like fishing trips. And if not, then have fun finding that out.

Start a Blog

Aha moment, right? A blog is a great space to express yourself and get your thoughts and interests out there. Don’t be surprised to find that you aren’t alone in how you experience or think about something.


We touched on this earlier, but we’ll dig in here. Nowadays, networking is both a must and a process that changes rapidly. Most recently, COVID-19 has locked the world down, and networking has become entirely virtual. Attend virtual events on professional networking platforms to connect with other professionals in your field. You can also join online courses and schools and connect with your instructors and classmates. The people that you already know are also a great networking resource. They’re great for making introductions and breaking the ice. Taking some of the initial pressure of things in the beginning.

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