6 Unconventional Ways to Strengthen your Core


The core forms a link between your upper- and lower body. Your back, pelvis, abdomen and hips are part of the core, and they all need to be both strong and flexible if you want to go about and enjoy life. Yes, you can go to a gym and crunch your way to strong abs, but for many the thought of a gym is a complete turn-off – just no fun. Instead, there are a host of fun activities that can give you that very attractive firm core.

Here are 5 fun, unconventional ways you should try to help strengthen your core:

  • Horseback riding is an awesome way to strengthen your core. Riding a horse really works the core muscles, and positive side effects include both physical and mental benefits. While you are riding you are developing and strengthening your core muscles constantly. As the horse moves forward and sideways, you’ve got to work your core muscles to balance and stabilise yourself to constantly remain upright. Horseback riding exercises all parts of the body, and along with the core muscles, the pelvic muscles as well as the inner thighs get a thorough workout too.
  • Gymnastic rings have to be the ultimate abdominal exercise. If you’re looking for abs of steel, these ring moves work your core from different angles. Gymnastic experts tell us that movements on gymnastic rings can do more than any crunch or sit-ups Some of the best abdominal exercises for 6-pack abs are ring push ups and ring L-sits. Your abs have to work hard to stabilize the body. Doing these exercises will give you stronger abs and you’ll look far more attractive too.
  • Plank exercises are superb for core strengthening and can be done safety at home. Lie on your stomach and try and lift up onto your forearms and the tips of your toes. The idea is to try and squeeze your elbows and knees towards one another, keeping your neck and spine in a neutral position. Hold the position for 3 breaths and then return to the starting position. Try and repeat the exercise again. Check this Youtube video for a visual demo.
  • Beach Volleyball is truly a display of flexibility and power. When you look at the tanned, lithe, mean and lean bodies jumping, diving and surging forward, you realise why this is such a sexy sport. Every muscle is in action and for professional beach volleyball, training programs target the abs, glutes, chest, quadriceps and obliques. Certainly, with stronger core muscles you move quickly and powerfully with serving, passing, attacking and digging, You’ll be able to smash the ball over the net to score 21 and a win for your side.
  • Office Chairs with lumbar support creates a “s” curve in the back of your spine, helping you to sit in an upright position with your core engaged. Some ergonomic chairs also come with a neck rest that properly supports your neck. Of course, you also need to be mindful not to slouch when you sit to get the benefits. Start by looking at some highly rated ergonomic chairs with lumbar support built in.
  • Kayaking involves the abdomen and obliques, and with weak core muscles, you won’t be able to count on spine stabilization and balance as you try to surge forward. Kayaking relies on power from the core to deliver effective strokes, and a strong core decreases any risk of injury from muscle imbalances. The stronger and more flexible you are in the abdominal area and back, the more torso rotation you have and ultimately more power for each stroke.

No Sweaty Gym Workout Required

You don’t have to go to the gym to strengthen your core muscles if the thought doesn’t appeal to you. With the bunch of fun ways to strengthen your core mentioned above, the best part is that you’ll be giving your abs a thorough workout without even realizing it.

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