6 Things To Remember When Going For Nose Surgery

nose surgery

Your facial features define your face! Amongst them, your nose is the most dominating and stands out from other features. The too chubby, wide, small or crooked nose will affect the overall appearance of your face and will take away the attention from other attractive features.

That’s when rhinoplasty (nose job) comes into mind. It is a cosmetic surgical process that will help you achieve the ideal shape of the nose! It will not only balance the distorted features, but also beautify your face.

However, before you move forward for rhinoplasty, you must take a look at the five things:

You May Need To Sit At Home for a Couple of Weeks

Nose surgery is one of the most demanding facial cosmetic structures. Based on the level of the surgery, the healing process may take a couple of weeks. In that case, you might need to take off from work and stay at home till recovery.

At that particular time, it’s essential to follow the instructions as your surgeon advised you. You must avoid blowing your nose as it can severely impact the surgery.

To deal with these effects, you may need to take painkillers and other medications, or you would be advised to take a rest and pay extra attention to your sleeping position.

Be Practical With Your Expectations

Once you have decided to go for rhinoplasty, the very next thing you have to do is a thorough discussion with your surgeon. They will provide you with all the essential details of pre and post-surgery and other things that are required.

A professional cosmetic surgeon will also provide you with a comprehensive guide of what you should expect and what could be the possible outcomes. This way, you can make the decision when would be the right time to go for the surgery.

Be Prepared With the List of Questions

Before you go for the surgery, make a list of all the doubts, and queries that often juggle your mind. You can ask things like “Is your nose can handle the rhinoplasty or what would be the ideal time to go for the surgery,” and more.

You can also ask your surgeon about their personal experiences, since how long they have been in the surgery process, how many patients they have treated yet. This will leave you with a better understanding and peace of mind.

View Testimonials and Get Proofs

One of the best ways to find out if the surgeon is right for you is to ask them to show you before and after pictures of previous patients. This will give a clear idea if the surgeon is appropriate for your surgery. You can also ask for patients testimonials.

You May Not Get Instant Visible Results

You may have to wait for a certain period to get visible results. In fact, every patient may have different experiences, and the recovery days may also vary. For instance, some may get swelling, bruising, or some may get initial marks that will fade away with time.

Take proper rest, prescribed medicines, and follow the instructions that you are given, slowly you will observe the swelling starts to vanish and leave you with enhanced facial features.

You Might Not Feel a Lot of Pain

As you will be under anesthesia, you won’t feel any pain. Once you are completed with the procedure, you will be prescribed some painkillers that won’t let the pain to bulge. Initially, you might have your face look different, but after some time, all of the sufferings will fade away, and you will get the desired results. However, you might feel dizziness and weakness that can differ depending upon every individual.

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is about enhancing the appearance of your not-so-perfect nose. However, it is essential to have realistic expectations, counsel with your surgeon, and you will be sorted!

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