6 Surprising Marijuana-Based Items to Buy for Chronic Pain

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Medical marijuana is one of the most commonly prescribed medications for chronic pain. That’s because it is extremely effective in treating pain.

Cannabis is safer and less addictive than prescription pills. It is also more natural and versatile.

Here are six products that can be used for pain treatment.

  1. CBD Oils

For cannabis lovers, this might not be that surprising.

CBD oils are extremely popular, especially for treating pain. However, they are more commonly used for topical treatment as opposed to chronic pain.

Oils are ideal when you have an injury or are experiencing pain that’s not chronic. However, they can be used for chronic pain as well.

A small dosage every day can relieve pain. Chronic pain is often debilitating.

Those suffering from intense pain can’t go about their daily lives. It can be hard to hold a job or have hobbies that involve physical activity.

CBD oil changes that. It’s easy to adjust the dosage for different pain levels. And it’s easy to place in a variety of products.

A dash of CBD oil in a cup of coffee or tea can make a huge difference.

  1. Magic Mushrooms

Technically, these are more marijuana related than marijuana based.

There are many types of psilocybin mushrooms. Psilocybin is the fancy word for what is more commonly known as magic mushrooms.

They take the name from the psilocybin content. Psilocybin is a chemical compound that creates euphoric effects and can lead to hallucination.

It’s a perfectly safe product to consume.

Many ancient cultures used these mushrooms for spiritual and medicinal reasons. Modern studies show that they are effective in pain treatment.

It’s a good alternative to cannabis.

Cannabis is effective in pain treatment, but it’s good to change things up. Your body will become accustomed to marijuana over time. This means that you will start building a tolerance.

You might even find that mushrooms work better for you.

  1. Edibles

Space brownies and cookies are super popular for getting high.

That isn’t their only use, though. You can use strains that don’t have a very high THC content and bake them into edibles.

THC is the compound in cannabis that makes you high.

Certain strains have higher THC contents than others. These usually aren’t ideal for pain treatment. Instead, you want a strain that has high CBD levels.

Edibles are popular because they don’t smell like smoke.

Not everyone is a fan of the weed smell. You don’t want to go into public smelling like weed.

Edibles help you avoid the judgment that accompanies smoking.

  1. Gels

Chronic pain is often the result of an injury or some sort of damage.

It’s important to understand the root of chronic pain before you try to treat it. Maybe you have an injury that you never knew that you had. If that’s the case, it’s best to treat the injury itself.

Spread CBD-based gels on the area around the injury.

There’s no reason to treat the parts of your body that aren’t damaged.

Generally speaking, it’s always better to take less medication than more. Ideally, you want to consume as little as possible.

Gels allow you to treat the root problem and not just symptoms.

  1. Teas

Everyone loves a good cup of afternoon tea.

There are surprisingly a lot of cannabis teas out there.

Many don’t contain any THC at all, making them perfectly safe. Warm drinks calm your body and enter your bloodstream faster than cold drinks.

This makes tea an ideal form of pain treatment.

It’s easy to combine marijuana-based teas with other teas. Throw in some chamomile or mint for a really relaxing evening.

Or start your morning with some CBD-infused English breakfast.

  1. Chewing Gum

Gum is known for helping cigarette smokers quit.

It can also be a great way to stop smoking weed while keeping all of the medical benefits. As long as it’s sugar free, it’s good for your teeth, too.

Gum helps remove built up plaque for your tea.

CBD gum is an easy option for treating pain, and it comes in many flavors.


There’s no reason to take pills to treat pain. There are lots of natural options that are much safer and more effective.

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