6 Sleep Hacking to Improve Your Sleep

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Sleeping is very important for our body, though the reason why we need it is still a little bit of mystery. But it is very true that we need to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per day. But it is seen millions of people suffer from the sleeping disorder. According to National Sleep Foundation (NSF), it is seen that over 60 percent of people suffer from 70 different sleeping disorders.

You may have come across a lot of advice on proper sleep and may have tried to sleep well by taking sleeping pills, or taking chamomile tea or cutting down caffeine but when nothing works, then you should try the following sleeping tips that can help you to improve your sleep:

Maintaining a sleeping schedule

You should set a sleeping schedule and go to bed at the same time. This will help you to strengthen circadian rhythm, i.e., the natural sleep-wake cycle. When you will go to sleep at a regular sleeping time, there is great chance to have great sleep. But you should never change your sleeping schedule not even when you are on holidays. It will definitely help to eradicate your sleeping disorder and help you have a good and sound sleep.

Having regular sex

A good orgasm after sex will make you feel more relaxed or slumber. There are many chemical reasons for that. For example, after having sex serotonin hormone calms the body and brain of the human being which leads to increase your melatonin and this help human to fall asleep. Apart from that prolactin hormone gets released in men after having an orgasm which causes drowsiness and men falls asleep. In addition, estrogen level is increased in women after having a good orgasm which can enhance Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and can improve the overall quality of sleep. Thus, it is very important to have regular sex who have a sleeping disorder.

Having good bedding

There is a saying that people can buy a good bed but not a good sleep. It is true that no bedding in the world can give you good sleep. But if you are comfortable with your bedding then it can certainly help you to get undisturbed and quality sleep. Before you buy a mattress, it is essential to try it out once and make sure that it is of the best quality which can provide you comfort while sleeping. You can also try famous manufacture like sleep number that may help you to feel more comfortable while sleeping.

Avoid stimulants

It is very important to avoid smoking, tea, coffee, chocolate, sodas, alcohol, etc. at least 4 hours before going to bed. Though some people may feel that taking alcohol provides them good sleep, it is actually a nervous system depressant and when the level of alcohol drops it activates the sympathetic system which causes sleep disorder and makes you wake from the sleep and fell groggy. So, try to avoid alcohol and smoking as much as possible. It will not only help you to get quality sleep but will also help you to remain healthy.

Avoid exercise before going to bed

Regular exercise is very helpful for our body and it can also help you to get proper sleep. But remember exercise should be done at the proper time. It is seen that exercise during morning and afternoon can increase the sleep quantity and quality at night. But you should never do heavy exercise at least 4 hours. However, light exercise or simple yoga before going to bed is not harmful and can help you in better sleep.

Sleep in dark environment

It is essential to have a dark environment while you go to bed to sleep. All types of light can interfere when you fall asleep, especially the blue light that may come out from any electronic device. So, before you go to sleep turn off all your electronic device like your computer, smartphones, television, etc. You can also use protective glass to avoid light. When there is darkness in your room while sleeping the lack of light encourages the circadian of our body and produce hormones that can relax the cells of the brain and help us to have a healthy night sleep.

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