6 Reasons Why Some People Buy Expensive Jewelry

Have you ever wondered why some individuals could effortlessly spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on expensive luxury brands when millions of other people are struggling to eat?

You are not alone. I have been to that place as well. But after conducting thorough research on this issue, we have finally found our answers. From ageless glamour to utmost confidence boosts and significant investments, find out why several people love to purchase expensive jewelry.

Reasons Why People Buy Expensive Jewelry

1)      They are made of extraordinary materials

Why would somebody spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry when they can purchase a fake version of it at just a small fraction of the same?

One main factor that controls the prices of expensive jewelry is the extraordinary materials used to create them.

From 18 carat gold to clean gemstones, and silver, obtaining the best raw materials and then preparing them to perfection takes excellent artisan skills and significant monetary investment.

On top of this,  you can be 100% sure that your jewelry will outlast every other cheap counterfeit and look beautiful on you always.  So, these pieces of jewelry are worth every single penny.

2)      Great Sense of Style

Whether you love bold statement jewelry or elegant strings of pearl, expensive jewelry pieces are the most suitable way to express yourself.

On top of that, the more jewelry you possess, the more versatile you become.  Have the courage to mix and match your jewelry with your contemporary favorites and astute pieces with something very daring to make a unique style that is you.

3)      For Celebrations

One of the best ways to celebrate extraordinary occasions is by buying expensive jewelry. You may have seen celebrities gifting their lovers with expensive watches, rings, or necklaces just before proposing to them and celebrate their great love.

From promotions to graduations, weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, there are many reasons to gift your loved one with sterling silver pendants that they will treasure for a lifetime.

4)      To Show Status

Expensive jewelry is a sign of wealth and status.  Every time you think of something expensive, images of wealth, power, and success flood your mind.  Expensive jewelry pieces foster these images for their labels via fascinating ads and celebrity emissaries who manifest these prudent traits.

By sporting this expensive jewelry, the wearer gets filled with these admirable characteristics which are recognizable to others intimate with these reputable brands.

5)       For Historical Reasons

If you know your history well, you notice that the most expensive things were reserved for the rich in society to separate themselves from the middle class and the poor throughout history. Wearing jewelry has been a big part of the human race since time immemorial.

Pharaohs, kings, emperors, and Tsars used to wear costly jewelry made of silver, gold, and diamonds to show their power, wealth, honor, and importance in society.

Apart from the wealthy, authority figures, and royals, spiritual leaders would also wear this expensive jewelry in charms and amulets. Today, many gospel ministers, including Pope, can be seen wearing expensive ring fingers, necklaces, watches, and earrings.

Though the middle class has picked up these jewelry trends, the wealthy people still set apart themselves from the crowds by choosing elegant high-quality jewelry made of gold, gemstones, silver, diamonds, and many other precious stones.

6)      For Psychological Reasons

The other main reason some individuals wear expensive jewelry is that this jewelry has a way of making them feel good about themselves. It offers them that feeling that they have finally made it in life and are no longer struggling with the basics.

The expensive jewelry separates them from the poor and the middle-class people who can only afford to buy counterfeit pieces. The jewelry offers them a great sense of status entitlement and elevation.

Some rich people also purchase expensive jewelry out of idleness.  Others buy them because they feel they deserve them. In such instances, these people measure their self-worth depending on the size and quality of the jewelry they possess, for example, diamonds, silver, or gold.

Final Thoughts

Pieces of jewelry are celebrated by every society globally. And it has been that way for numerous centuries.

Though some individuals might think of jewelry as a massive wastage of money, it is crystal clear that jewelry is of great importance to various people across many generations.

Expensive jewelry is made of excellent materials and signifies style, class, and in many cases, a sign of wealth.

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