6 Reasons Mineral Powder Foundation Isn’t Just a Trend

Mineral makeup: Is it a passing trend or the real deal? Understanding products such as mineral powder foundation starts with learning about the ingredients contained in these cosmetics and what makes them different from traditional choices.

In the last several years, organic mineral makeup has boomed in popularity, with thousands of women making the switch. The surprising thing is that this is one bandwagon you’ll want to jump on. Here are six reasons you should shop for natural mineral cosmetics.

1. Mineral Powder Foundation Protects Your Face From the Sun

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are not your skin’s friends. UV rays can be damaging, causing skin cancer, acne, and brown spots. Mineral powder foundation can protect your skin from the sun with ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium oxide. In conjunction with SPF, organic mineral makeup can provide physical sunscreen by reflecting UV rays instead of absorbing them. Use with SPF of at least 15 to get the best sun-protection results.

2. Organic Mineral Makeup Won’t Have Harmful Chemicals

It’s no secret that many cosmetics contain chemicals that aren’t good for your health. Hazardous makeup ingredients, such as phthalates, fragrance, talc, and parabens can irritate your skin and even cause long-term health problems. Luckily, you won’t find these ingredients in the best organic mineral makeup. Organic and all-natural mineral cosmetics from trusted brands won’t have chemicals that exist in most traditional products. Mineral makeup options can keep you healthier in the long term and may even solve issues such as skin irritation and allergic reactions.

3. Mineral Powder Foundation Looks Better

Who said you must compromise looks to wear a more healthful foundation? Part of what has made mineral powder foundations so popular is that they actually look and wear better than most traditional brands. They typically won’t contain talc (a bulking agent used in most conventional foundations), resulting in a formula that’s more pigmented and lighter on the skin. Mineral powder foundation provides a natural look as well as seamless full coverage. You can wear makeup and achieve a fresh, natural look.

4. Mineral Makeup is for All Skin Types

Is your skin sensitive, oily, dry, or acne-prone? Mineral powder foundation can work for you. The ingredients in natural mineral cosmetics make them great choices for people with common skin problems, including rosacea. While a lot of conventional cosmetics will contain many of the same ingredients as mineral makeup, the difference is what mineral makeup doesn’t contain. It won’t have fragrances, preservatives, oils, and waxes that are often the cause of skin problems. That makes mineral products a great choice for all skin types.

5. Mineral Powder Foundation Won’t Age You

Another perk of foundation that doesn’t include talc is that it won’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles, preventing the dreaded aging effect. Talc-less mineral powder foundations provide smooth coverage without highlighting wrinkles. You can also defy aging with mineral makeup thanks to nutrient-rich ingredients. Find mineral makeup with elements such as cocoa butter for natural moisturizing and essential fatty acids, or extracts of pomegranate seeds, white tea, or grapes that work as natural antioxidants.

6. Organic Mineral Makeup is Good for the Earth

Natural, organic mineral makeup doesn’t rely on chemicals that conventional products use, such as petroleum or lead that require mining in sensitive areas of the world. Help save the rainforests and other beautiful locations by shopping for mineral products. The bottom line? Mineral powder foundation and other organic mineral cosmetics are good for you, good for the environment, and good for the planet.

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