6 Natural Ways to Purify Your Water

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Water is very crucial to our bodies since it is the largest composition of our blood. Besides that, there are several benefits attached to taking water; it is a source of refreshment for your body, cleans the internal organs, aid in digestion, prevents dehydration, and ensures you do not experience frequent headaches among many other benefits.

However, before consuming water, ensure it is well purified to eliminate any harmful substances and pathogens that might be present in the water. There are both natural and artificial ways of purifying the water we consume. In this article, we will highlight some of the natural water purification methods.

  1. Boiling

This is one of the best natural ways to purify water to make it safe for human consumption. It has been used since time immemorial by our forefathers to treat their drinking water and it has proved effective. You simply put your water in a boiling pot and heat it over the heat until it boils. Let it cool then consume it. All pathogens are destroyed during boiling.

  1. Exposure to solar radiation

The UV rays from the sun are very powerful and capable of destroying any micro-organisms present in your water meant for consumption. When you wish to purify water and there is no artificial way out, try exposing the water to solar radiation and you will be amazed to note that your water becomes safer than before for consumption. The only precaution to take while using this natural technique of water purification is never use poly vinyl materials to hold the water; it can result in side effects such as cancer.

  1. Through apple together with tomato peels

You will be surprised to hear that the apple peels and tomato peels we often throw away while using these fruits can work magic when it comes to water purification. These peels are very effective in removing toxic metal ions dissolved in the water among other water pollutants. This method is natural and the results are amazing.

  1. Putting some Seaweed in your water

Research has it that seaweed survives from nutrients drawn from sewage treatment areas. Seaweed requires the inorganic nutrients that are present in contaminated water to survive. Adding the seaweed in your water removes any inorganic nutrients present leaving your water pure and healthy for consumption and domestic use.

  1. Sand and charcoal

Soil particles in water are among the most common water contaminants that require being extracted during water purification. These soil particles make your water look cloudy. To remove these from your water and make it look crystal clear, simply use sand and charcoal in a filter. You will get very clear water with no contaminants.

  1. Lemon and its Juice

Lemon is very effective when it comes to killing pathogens and harmful bacteria present in water. This is actually the reason we use it to rub our fingers before eating to sanitize our hands. Adding lemon or its juice to water removes any pathogens present especially bacteria such as E. coli.


Water purification is crucial and should be part and parcel of our routine before consumption of water. It makes the water safe for our consumption and reduces any risks of contracting illnesses from pathogens and bacteria that might be present in our water. The natural water purification methods discussed above are very effective and zero cost since you do not need special machines to purify your water. Adapt them and make your water safe for consumption.

Source: https://waterfilteronly.com

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