6 Keto Diet Tips for An Effective Weight Loss Strategy

Making the best of the “new” diet that took the world by storm.

keto diet

The Ketogenic diet, as they call it, is a technical diet. Being new and sort of complexed, not many people have the right information about it. However, we are going to break down, not one, but six tips for executing a Keto diet to the best of your ability. Since the Keto diet is an adequate protein diet, amongst other things, it requires one to know at least the basics needed to efficiently go about performing this weight loss strategy.

1. Food, Glorious Food!

Well, when it comes to Keto as a diet, it is an ‘omitting carbohydrates’ diet. But, if you have to, even staying below a 100 grams of carbs should be fine. There is no particular amount, as even if you stay under this number, your ketogenic process will still be in action. But the only catch is that your fat burning process will reduce in speed. Staying under 20 grams will ensure a following of the ideal Keto diet. Fat being necessary for this diet, foods like Coconut oil, ghee, trace fat from red meat and egg yolk are good options.

2. Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

It isn’t always about the food and the exercise when it comes to putting any diet plan into action. The mindset and psyche of the individual aiming at weight loss is rather important. Stress plays an important role when your ketosis doesn’t seem to work. When in stressful times, our blood sugar levels are elevated, thus lowering the possibility of ketones. Try to find the right time to follow a ketogenic diet in order for it to work efficiently. Call out to the positive vibes and you should be fine. Living longer sounds like a good enough reason to be happy right? Well, there are websites related to cryogenics that provides documentation on the subject.

3. It’s Okay to Be Salty Sometimes. (Only for Keto!)

Salt is an extremely essential aspect of following a Keto diet. What many people aren’t aware of, is when they lose a ton of weight in the few days of the diet, it is the glycogen in water-form getting away. When this happens, we are not only losing a lot of water, but also a ton of salt as well. Salt, being important mineral leads to our thirst factor being low. Thus, adding salt to the diet, helps retain the water we consume. Because with the lack of salt in our system, our body is unable to actually retain the water as well as makes us less thirsty, resulting in less water intake which is never a good factor.

4. MCT Oil Is A Bonus!

Like we said before, items like coconut oil are beneficial whilst performing this diet because of the small levels of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) However, taking straight supplements of MCT oil is really useful. If you do so, you will need only 60-70% of calories to be coming from fat components. But, if you get most of your fat from the things that you’re not supposed to be eating like dairy and super high saturated fats, you’ll need 80-90% of energy to be coming from fat as it is difficult for your body to break it down, resulting in needing more of it. Therefore, consuming straight MCTs during ketosis can provide you with an immediate source of fuel.

5. Don’t Overdo the Protein Intake.

Whether you are a man trying to gain a muscle, or a young man trying to lose some weight primarily, you might consume too much of protein which isn’t wise during ketosis. Having a minimum of 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight used to be a beginner’s perception but this fact has scientists backing it up. During ketosis, if one consumes too much protein, it can result in the body thriving glucose off of carbs which can make your ketones completely useless. So, when you’re following this diet, make sure to measure your protein intake.

6. Slow And Steady Wins The Diet Race!

Finally, we come to speed. Nowadays , a lot of people are used to dashing through their food at the speed of light. However, what many of us aren’t aware of is that eating at a practically slow pace has many benefits. Eating relatively slower is known to reduce weight and help in the weight loss process. Think of this as a bonus to the other benefits of Ketosis and the results will be phenomenal. So, make sure to think twice before you literally inhale that burrito and take time whilst eating.

Well, there you have it folks, some beneficial tips you will need as you step into the Ketosis journey. With regular exercise and these tips in hand, you will be able to pull off this plan. Add the best keto-friendly protein bars for fast results, but most importantly, keep in mind the positivity. Approach each step of the diet with a healthy mind and shake negative thoughts away to ensure that your weight loss strategy will be efficiently performed. We believe in you, good luck!

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