6 Essential Factors to Consider for Family Planning

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As a wise family, it is vital to carefully consider family planning to allow you and your partner to have a great deal of empowerment and liberty to decide when to conceive and when to avoid it. Statistics state that half of all the pregnancies are unintended and that you have better chances of having a healthy pregnancy with family planning. If you want help, Dr. Wallace McLean and the family planning experts at Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples can help. However, you have to consider the following six essential factors.

  1. Effectiveness and Convenience

The baseline of wise family planning is finding a birth control option that is suitable for you and your lifestyle. Remember, you want to consider an option that only allows you to avoid pregnancy until you are ready. Therefore, you learn about the many options, as each have their own benefits and drawbacks. Be sure to consult with your doctor to help you reach an informed decision and choose the birth control that best suits you.

  1. Lifestyle Changes

Family planning is all about deciding the appropriate time to have a child. This can be affected greatly by your lifestyle as you have to consider the current nonnegotiable lifestyle and what you are willing to adjust. Remember that adding a child has a significant impact on your lifestyle as a family, beginning from pregnancy. Once you have a newborn, your life will never be the same again. This makes lifestyle a vital consideration to make for your family planning.

  1. Your Desires

Although you will get wildly differing advice from each person you talk to, all that matters is what you and your partner truly want. Most importantly, you have to be in a position to answer the ‘why’ of what you are about to decide. For instance, why do you want to delay having a child? Is it because of fear of the unknown? Or why do you wish to start a family? If you and your partner have the answers, they can guide you and help you make the right family planning decisions.

  1. Financial Situations

This is a crucial consideration to consider, as bringing a child into your family will come with extra expenses. Besides, pregnancy and childbirth may also influence your job altogether, and therefore you have to be considerate when deciding important matters such as starting a family. The financial issue is first in recognizing how having a baby will change your career options, bring about medical expenses, and affording baby supplies. This is a lot of decisions to figure out.

  1. Physical Health

When considering family planning, your physical health status is a crucial consideration to make. Pregnancy will certainly take a toll on your body, and you have to consider that. You can take time to set some good habits before conceiving, as it can give you a bountiful reward for good health for you and your family.

  1. Reproductive Health

Your reproductive health is critical to the choices you make around family planning. Understanding the status of your reproductive health is essential before making the decision of when is a good time for you and your partner to start a family.

If you need more help on family planning, don’t hesitate to contact a Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples family planning specialist.

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