6 Dangerous & Weirdest Effects of Sleep Deprivation


Have you ever spent a night turning & tossing because of sleep problem? If yes, then you know how you feel in the next day! You feel cranky, tired and out of sorts in the day which is the barrier to your prosperous life. You know how important a proper night sleep is! A good sleep helps you in many ways. It helps us to keep healthy both our physical & mental health. Minimum 6- 8 hours of sleep is recommended for everyone to keep the healthy body and fresh mind.

On the other hand, lack of proper sleep increases the risk or early death and does many physical and mental problems. Sleep problem or sleep deprivation lowers the quality of your life dramatically. Yes, dramatically! Because, during sleep, the body heals itself as well as restore the chemical balance of the body. Sleep allows the brain to take rest which helps the brain to forge new connections & memory retention. Additionally, the full body functions need proper sleep to run properly.

But when you don’t have the enough amount of sleep, your body faces many dangerous & weirdest effects. Here are the top 6 weirdest & dangerous effects of sleep deprivation on the body system which will describe how important a proper sleep is!

1. Central Nervous System:

The central nervous system is the main system of our body which controls the whole body system. This is a busy system which works all time to keep the body function natural. But this nervous system also needs rest to keep its work smooth and well. During sleep, the brain gathers information that you learned that day and store them in the storage. The nerve cells take rest during sleep and the nervous system does it.

But if you don’t have your proper sleep or you have sleep deprivation, then your nervous system can’t take rest. As a result, the brain can’t store information and your memory becomes weak. This is the reason of decreasing your skills and increasing of your accidental risks.

2. Immune System:

The immune system of the body produces protective and infection-fighting substances during sleep. These protective substances and infection-fighting substances fight with the foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria, eliminate them and protect the body from the effects of them. As a result, the body remains healthy.

On the other hand, sleep deprivation doesn’t let the body’s immune system to produce the protective substances. As a result, the foreign substances enter the body easily and affect the body. You become sick then. Additionally, long term sleep deprivation creates heart diseases, diabetes and other deadly diseases.

3. Digestive System:

Not only over-eating or not exercising, sleep deprivation is also a major risk factor for obesity and weight gain. There are two hormones in the human body named “Leptin” & “Ghrelin” which control the feelings of hunger and fullness. Sleep deprivation also has effects on these two hormone levels. When you don’t sleep for enough time, your digestive system doesn’t work well too. Sleep deprivation affects the function of the digestive system and as a result, your digestive system can’t maintain its proper functions.

4. Respiratory System:

You believe it or not, the sleep has relation to the respiratory system too. Basically, there is a head-to-head relationship between respiratory system and sleep deprivation. The “Obstructive Sleep Apnea” (OSA), a nighttime breathing disorder interrupts you sleep which lowers your sleep quality. As a result, you can’t have your proper sleep and faces sleep deprivation.

When you have sleep deprivation, it triggers out the existing respiratory diseases and you get worse conditions than previous. It also creates chronic lung illness, flu, common cold, etc.

5. Endocrine System:

Sleep has a great role in hormone production. When we sleep, the endocrine system produces the essential hormones for our body to run every function naturally. But if you have sleep deprivation, then your endocrine system can’t produce the necessary hormones. As a result, the body doesn’t get the required hormones and the body functions fail.

6. Cardiovascular System:

Proper sleep has essential effects on the blood pressure, blood sugar, blood vessels, heart and inflammation levels. Additionally, it has a great role to repair and heal the heart & blood vessels. But when you have lack of sleep, your cardiovascular system doesn’t get the ability to do these. As a result, your cardiovascular functions don’t run normally and you get an increased chance of stroke and heart diseases.

Not only these 6 effects, sleep deprivation has many other negative effects too. They’re really so dangerous. So you must sleep at least 6-8 hour a day. For better sleep, use hybrid mattress and pillow, avoid nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine, take the proper meal and exercise regularly. Hope these will help you.

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