6 Critical Birth Control Questions to Ask Yourself


Birth control puts you in control of your fertility, enabling you to choose when to have a child. But there are vast birth control methods available today, and you might not be sure which one best suits you. Worry no more. Lilian Schapiro, MD, and the team of women’s health practitioners at Ideal Gynecology can help you choose the best birth control in McDonough. The providers have extensive experience and will guide you in making informed choices. As you seek the birth control option, it will be critical to ask yourself the following questions.

Are You Enduring Complications That Can Affect Your Choice?

Certain health conditions or risk factors can make specific birth control options unsafe for you. Therefore, consult your provider to evaluate your overall health for you to be safe. If you are currently exposed to sexually transmitted diseases, it may also limit your choices for contraceptives. If you also have a history of certain complications, please let your provider know.

How Effective Do You Want the Method to Be?

Although no birth control method is 100 percent effective compared to abstinence, some methods are more reliable than others. Long-acting reversible contraceptives and permanent methods are more reliable than other options. Some methods may require many efforts from you, which reduces their reliability, and you might not be comfortable with them. Therefore, take your time to consider how effective you want the methods to be and at what level you feel comfortable.

Are You Done With Child Bearing?

If you still plan to have a biological child in the future, not all methods will suit your situation. Some birth control options may affect your future fertility and affect your ability to become pregnant. Therefore, talk to your doctor about your plans. If you are unsure about your future, it would be good to go for a temporary option. However, consider how quickly you can conceive if you stopped using the method.

How Ease to use and Convenient is the Birth Control Method?

Some birth control methods are more complex to understand than others. This can make them challenging to use, causing inconveniences for you. However, other methods are simple to use and do not require much effort. Some methods are done once, while others require consistency and accuracy, which can be challenging depending on your lifestyle.

Do You Need Additional Benefits?

Although the main aim of birth control methods is to prevent unwanted pregnancies, some options come with added advantages. The pill can lower your uterine and ovarian cancer risks, while latex condoms can protect you against HIV and STDs. Therefore, if you would like to enjoy such benefits, you can consider the options.

What are Your Moral and Religious Values?

When choosing a birth control method, it would be good to ensure that your partner agrees with you. Although you might be spiritually, morally, or religiously opposed to certain contraceptives, you can agree to choose natural family planning methods. Once you find out which technique best suits you and you become accustomed to it, you can find it truly rewarding.

Choosing the best birth control method is not easy, and you should not do it on your own. You need expert help and to also consider the factors mentioned earlier. Reach out today at Ideal Gynecology, and you will be guided and informed about different birth control methods. This will help you make informed decisions that will suit you.

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