5 Ways to Take Kratom: What Is The Correct Dosage?

kratom leaves

Kratom offers a wealth of health benefits for consumers that help with anxiety, mood disorders, and depression. The product comes from tree leaves and is manufactured through all-natural processes. It gives consumers a more balanced mood and helps with focus and concentration. Reviewing the 5 ways to take Kratom shows consumers how to use it and the correct dosage based on how they want to take it.

  1. Adding the Powder to Beverages

The Kratom powder can be added to the beverages to mask the taste of it. Studies show that Kratom has an unpleasant taste and mixing it into any beverages especially chocolate milk or a smoothie can make it easier for consumers to take it and get the full health benefits of it. According to instructions for using the Kratom powder the consumer would add between one-half teaspoon up to two and a half teaspoons to their preferred beverage.

Using the powder provides fast acting results and mixing it into a beverage can improve the taste and prevent consumers from discontinuing use of the product. Consumers that are looking for kratom powder can browse the full inventory of products and find the best choice for them.

  1. Taking the Capsules

Taking the capsules can provide slower effects of the Kratom, but it could be released into the body over a longer period. Most manufacturers recommend starting with a mild dosage of no more than 2 grams of the Kratom. Depending on the results the consumer wants, they could take as much as 8 grams of the capsules to achieve the full benefit of the product. However, consumers should never go from a mild dose to the highest dosage immediately. They should increase their dosage gradually over a period of two months. This can prevent negative side effects of the Kratom and lower potential health risks.

Some consumers prefer to use the toss and wash method for taking the capsules. It involves opening the capsules and pouring the powder into their mouths, and then drinking their preferred beverage to wash it down. This is an effective way to get the full advantages of the powder at once, but it can make some consumers gag or cough while the powder is in their mouth.

This could lead to unwanted situations and might lead to them accidentally inhaling some of the powder. Manufacturers do not recommend the toss and wash method for everyone. However, if the consumer can handle the bitter taste of the powder, they can follow this method to get their dose of the Kratom.

  1. Making Tea from the Leaves

Making tea from the Kratom leaves offers a beneficial way to get the benefits of the product without an unpleasant taste. The consumer starts by boiling up to four cups of water. Next they will add the heat leaves to a larger container or tea pot and pour the boiling water into the container or pot. Allowing the tea leaves to remain in the boiling water for at least 15 minutes enables it to seaop into the water and offer a stronger dose of the tea. After 15 minutes, they will drain the tea leaves from the tea.

The consumer can add any sweetener they want to the tea based on their preferences. This enables them to get the full benefits of the tea and the Kratom without the tea tasting bitter. They can either drink the tea at a hotter temperature or allow it to cool and add ice to make iced tea. It all depends on the consumer’s preferences. Reviewing the packaging instructions for the Kratom shows the consumer how often they should drink the tea to get maximum health benefits from the Kratom.

  1. Using the Powder in Your Food

Adding the powder in the food can make it easier to consume, too. The Kratom powder is measured with a measuring spoon and added to any food. There are several recipes online to help consumers create delicious food with the Kratom powder and get the health benefits. They can use any food they prefer for their dosage. Some consumers prefer yogurts and applesauce, but consumers can add the powder to foods they cook if they prefer.

Finding the right recipe makes it better for the consumer. They will review a multitude of ways to prepare foods with the Kratom powder and through trial and error discover the best way for them to take the Kratom and improve their health.

  1. Using Kratom Incense for Aromatherapy

Creating Kratom incense and using it for aromatherapy helps the individual get the fragrance from the Kratom and lower their stress levels. Kratom doesn’t have to be ingested to give the individual health benefits. Using the incense can help them relax and lower stress levels that lead to cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Each of these conditions can lead to cardiac episodes that could damage the body or death.

Some consumers can follow directions and make their own Kratom incense easily. It doesn’t require a lengthy process to make their own, and they can allow it to dry in their home. The consumers can choose their preferred dried herbs to give the incense a wonderful smell and give them a pleasant experience. Consumers can get all the ingredients at a low price and make as much incense as they want. Using the Kratom incense can keep them healthier and provide them with all the same great benefits. The individuals can also use the incense as often as they want without worrying about dosing.

Kratom is an all-natural way to improve your health and lower stress levels. The product is available in capsules or powder. Consumers can use the product in their food, beverages, or to make a hot tea that is therapeutic and relaxing. Kratom is a great choice for creating incense and using it for aromatherapy purposes. With the many ways to take it, consumers won’t have an issue dosing the Kratom or getting the most benefits. Reviewing what to expect from Kratom educates the consumers about the many health benefits it provides and how to find the best to use it.

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