5 Ways to Stop Smoking for Good – the Ultimate Guide

stop smoking

It is the educated opinion of millions of people in the world that smoking is bad for you. Fatal illnesses develop from smoking, relationships have been destroyed by the habit, and many people just don’t like the smell of smoke.

These may be among the reasons you want to quit or get help for your loved ones. There are many ways to stop smoking but there are also ways to remain smoke-free for the rest of your life.

With the five tactics below, maybe you will never smoke again.

1. The best reason

Nothing makes you consider your habit as a bad one more than when you hear it from children. When your children first tell you stop smoking, you might become irritated at them and push their words away.

Deep inside, though, you will roll these suggestions around in your mind and realize that your children care. The more they speak with you about the habit, the more you will want to give it up.

The words of our loved ones do actually sink in and greatly influence our thinking. To permanently stop the habit, ask someone you truly care about to make you accountable for your actions.

2. Take it slow

It’s rarely wise to stop smoking completely, in one day. This works much like a “diet” for those who want to lose weight.

When you stop smoking suddenly, the odds are high that you will feel overwhelmed and go right back to the habit because of the sudden increase in your stress level.

Taper off by reducing the amount you smoke and eventually you’ll be able to give up the habit altogether.

3. Kill stress

One of the top priorities when trying to stop smoking is to reduce stress as much as possible. Stress causes the desire to smoke to increase drastically.

If you reduce your stress, then smoking will become less desirable. Try massage therapy and exercise to manage stress levels and reduce your blood pressure.

4. Reduce alcohol consumption

Most smokers love to smoke when they’re drinking. For some reason, smoking partners with alcohol. Parties and hanging out with friends present an opportunity to indulge in both habits.

Reduce the urge to smoke by cutting your alcohol consumption and the social events that encourage both pastimes.

5. Try the E cig alternative

One of the most talked-about tools for the elimination of smoking is the E cigarette. This device is so effective that it has made many smokers switch almost immediately.

The E cig uses nicotine but does not emit tobacco smoke, which is a huge help for aspiring quitters. The sleek design and clean vapor usage makes this product very attractive for the cigarette smoker.

If you’re serious about breaking the habit, it just takes strength and a desire to change. To permanently stop the habit, use these tips to get started.

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