5 Ways to Save Money When Shopping for Wine

wine shopping

Do you enjoy sipping on a nice glass of wine while having dinner? Studies show that the phytochemicals in red wine have been known to reduce the risk of a cardiac disease. It is also anti-carcinogenic and can slow down the progression of certain auto-immune diseases like Alzheimer’s. A nice glass of cooling wine is highly rich in antioxidants. Certain wines even act as appetizers. But like they say, nothing good comes for cheap so you need to learn to spend your hard-earned money wisely when it comes to wine. Lucky for you, we have listed a few tips to keep in mind before you go out to purchase your next bottle of wine.

  1. Visit Your Local Vinery

You could get great discounts on factory purchased products. A visit to a vinery is also a great idea for a romantic date or an outing. It will expand your knowledge about your favourite absinthe. You could even discover new wines while you’re there. Some vineries allow you to buy the wine en primeur. That means before the wine gets bottled. During the harvesting season, when new stocks are about to come in, the old stocks go up on sale. So, take advantage of this.

  1. Go for The Case Instead of The Bottle

Purchasing in bulk is always a wiser option especially when it comes to wine for several reasons. One, it is cheaper. You are guaranteed a discount offer. Some retailers even offer you as much as a 15% off on a 12 pack. Two, there is no risk of spoilage. Wine only gets better with age. Even if you get tired of the same flavour, you can always switch to another one and come back for this one later. Or else you can gift it to a friend. Some retailers even allow you to buy a pack of mixed variety along with a discount. So if there is an offer on a really good wine then don’t hesitate to stock before someone else discovers it and takes it away.

  1. Visit Several Stores – Both Online and Offline.

The price of the same wine can change from place to place. This is because different states levy different sales taxes and excise duties on alcohol. The best option is to shop at an online store. You’ll be amazed by how much money you can save by doing so. Some sites offer discounts. Certain clubs and stores offer discounts to members. So, do your homework first and then reap the benefits instead of plunging into the first deal you come across.

  1. Look Through the Bins in The Store.

I mean, not literally! Bin end stocks are wine bottles that have been discarded from sale due to several reasons such as a torn label on the bottles, the stock being old seasoned or facing a low demand. However, bin end stocks are not easily visible so ask the shop owner or snoop through.

  1. Opt for Boxed Wines Instead of Bottles.

f you like to enjoy your wine at a slow pace then go for boxed packaging instead of bottles. Box packed wines have a flex tap that provides convenient dispensing. The wine quality gets affected once it is exposed to air. This is why you need to finish a wine bottle within a couple of days of opening it. So, unless you have a really expensive wine stopper, don’t invest in wine bottles. Box wine quality does not get lowered upon opening since there is no way for the air to come in contact with the wine. So, if you are an occasional drinker, you can take your time to finish it. Box wines are also more convenient and easy-to-use and also easy to carry around on a picnic or a road trip.

Even though drinking is fun and mood lifting always remember to drink in moderation. Limited alcohol will not only have a sober effect on your health but on your wallet as well.

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