5 Ways to Match Your Style to Your Build

Looking your best is all about choosing clothes to suit your body shape. And the great thing about that is you can pick an outfit to show off your best features, regardless of your body type.

Five Different Body Types

men are built in many different ways, but most fit into five different body types:

  • A man with a triangle body has slim shoulders, a thin torso, and a wide waist.
  • A man with an inverted triangle is the exact opposite. He has well-developed shoulders, a narrow torso, and a slim waist.
  • An oval-shaped man has a broad torso, a large waist, and narrow shoulders.
  • a man with a rectangle body has shoulders, a torso, and waist that are almost equally proportioned.
  • A man with a wide torso and shoulders and a narrow waist is a rhomboid-shaped man.

Pick Clothes That Fit

The easiest way to look your best is to choose clothes that fit well. You don’t want a T-shirt that clings to your arms or a pair of pants that dig into your waist. Equally, avoid oversized clothes that are baggy or misshapen so you don’t appear smaller than you are.

Slim Fit vs Straight Leg

Slim-fit pants are great if you want to show off your legs and slim waist. However, if you’re legs are thinner than the rest of your body, a straight leg fit may look better since straight-leg pants will help your bottom half appear large.

Choose Colors to Suit Your Body Shape

If you’re a large man, you may want to wear clothes that make you appear slimmer. Dark colors, like shades of black, dark blue, brown, or gray are ideal for this. On the other hand, if you’re trying to bulk up the appearance of a body part, like your shoulders or waist, bright colors can help. That’s because they draw people’s attention to the part of your body the item of clothing covers.

Select Appropriate Patterns

Vertical stripes and patterns are great if you want to create the illusion that your body is longer or slimmer. So if you have a triangle or oval shape, you may want to choose shirts or pants with vertical stripes to help slim down your waist. On the other hand, horizontal stripes are ideal if you want to add more shape to your outfit. Maybe you fit into the rectangle body shape category. No problem: You can opt for a T-shirt or shirt with horizontal lines around your torso to bulk it up.

Get a Stylist to Help You With Your Look

If you’re struggling to figure out your body shape and what style would suit it, you can get a stylist to help. Stitch Fix stylists will use your body measurements and style preferences to advise you on the ideal outfit to make you look your best. They can introduce you to new types of clothing, give you tips on footwear, and suggest accessories for your outfits, like belts or jewelry.

Best of all, Stitch Fix will send clothes directly to you so you don’t have to spend time searching through stores for the perfect items. Your personal stylist will only select clothes that fit you, reducing the likelihood that you’ll have to worry about sending returns.

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