5 Ways to Get Shredded Without an Expensive Gym Membership!

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If you think you need to go to the gym ritualistically 3 to 4 times a week to get that shredded look you are after, you are wrong! Although may people argue that having all that equipment and machinery, as well as a wide selection of kettlebells and free weights gives you the best chance of getting ripped, if you never find time to attend the gym, you should give serious consideration to cancelling that membership that you are wasting money on every month and take a different approach.

As we are going to show you in the following post, it is possible to get that toned and muscular body you have always desired, and you can do it without ever stepping in a gym, by putting into practice the tips outlined below.

Wear Boxing Shoes and Take Boxing Classes

What is the difference between boxing shoes and normal trainers or running shoes? One of the things that sets boxing shoes apart from other sneakers is the fact that they tend to weigh less than the alternatives, which enables you to move easier on your feet. They also help you to change your direction and stance quickly and regularly, something that is an integral part of boxing.

Why should you take boxing classes? As well as building up muscles in your upper body and helping to tone the muscles in your lower half, it also helps you to finetune your balance and coordination. Although these two things may not directly improve your muscle mass or definition, they will better enable you to perform crucial resistance movements and other exercises that could directly impact the size and toning of your muscles.

Abs Start in the Kitchen

It’s an old phrase that has been said a lot in the past, but it bears repeating. Your abs and muscles in general start in the kitchen, meaning if you want to build your muscles up and tone them so that you are sculpted like an Adonis, you need to have a controlled, healthy and balanced diet.

Bring the Gym Home

Just because we are advising you that you don’t need to attend the gym, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take inspiration from the gym. Invest in some good quality weights and a cross-trainer or even a rowing machine and clear a space for a gym mat. There, you have your own gym in the comfort of your own home. And it didn’t cost nearly as much as that membership you weren’t using.

Start Working Out

This is one of the biggest problems people have and why so many gym memberships are basically wasting money – they lack the motivation and drive to get started working out and sticking at it. Don’t be like them, ditch that membership and plan a proper, full-on workout schedule. Make sure you stick to your plan too. Find a way to motivate and encourage yourself to get out of bed early and workout if you need to or to make that bit of time at the end of the day instead of just chilling after work, to work on your muscles and fitness. You are the only person who is stopping yourself from achieving what you want to achieve.

Consider Training with a Partner

If you want to stay away from the gym and don’t want the help of a personal trainer, it may be worth seeing if whether you can find a buddy to train and workout with you. If you both plan and set aside time, you will both have a feeling of responsibility to the other to keep the date and work out. Plus, you will have someone else going through exactly what you are going through every step of the way. That means the days when things aren’t going your way or when you hit that brick wall.

There you go, 5 tips for getting that killer body with awesome muscles and you don’t even need to join the gym. You don’t even need to look at a gym membership application form ever again. As good as the tips are above, there is one we missed out, avoid waist trainers at all costs though, because they are not nearly as good or effective as a lot of people will have you believe.

So, get rid of the gym membership and instead, put the simple and effective tips above into practice and you will find it much easier to achieve that muscled, defined look you’ve always been after.

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