5 Ways Kids Need the Motivation to Do Homework

kid homework

Be it in kindergarten, high school or college; doing homework is an activity that no student enjoys. Certainly sitting in one place for an hour or two and scribing down words in a grey pencil on a piece of paper is not an entertaining task thus children run away from homework.

To make homework more interesting, there are a few measures every parent should take. This will make sure that you do not run after your kids for homework instead they come to you themselves.

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Reward System

Children love to be praised and given a snack or a toy after doing some hard work. Set aside a bag of candies or crisps for your kids and ask them to do their homework in return for these snacks. They will be excited and finish all their works.

However, you need to make sure that you do not get your kids used to this system since they will always end up expecting a reward for their hard work be it at school or home and no one wants to watch their children’s expectations not be met.

kids homework

Proper Study Table

Sitting on the dining table in the living room or on the couch in front of a television is no place to study for a child. It is uncomfortable and also with the continuous passage of people will distract the child from his or her work. Therefore, arrange a children’s study table in their bedrooms or have a separate study room. Organize all their stationary of need on the table along with textbooks, notebooks, and other reference material so that they do not need to get up for a second time to get the things they need.

The environment will help the child focus, and all things he would need would be right before him thus making his time doing assignment more productive.

Make it a part of the schedule

If you can make a schedule to manage their time to watch television, play outside and use their phones then doing homework as a part of their schedule should not be an issue either. Depending upon the average homework they get every day set aside at least an hour for them to work. Increase this time during exam days or split it into two study session.

This makes your children used to study, and they do not feel as if their time for playing is being taken away from them. Regularly working and studying at such a young age also prepares them for college where the work four times more than in elementary. This induces a sense of responsibility in them, and eventually, you will not have to alert them about the time to do homework as they would sit and start completing their work.



Everyone should have someone they look up to as their life stories become inspirational for you and that motivates you to do more good work and study. In your spare time introduce your children to some great personalities who have achieved plenty of success in their lives. Place a small soft board near their study space so and pin-up several printed or handwritten quotes by them which will help your child pull through difficult times. It could also prove to be a lot of fun to watch and read documentaries about them under parent’s supervision.

Inspiration does not have to be someone famous; it can also be a family member. Spending time with them would pump up kids more to work hard.

Decorate the Study room

Being in a colorful room decorated with pretty lights and color posters makes children love being in that place. A study room should never be painted in too bland or too bright colors. Pastel colors are perfect as they are easy on the eyes and easy to decorate. Put up whiteboards and soft boards so that kids have more methods of learning than just pencil and paper. Make handcrafted items with your kids them and place them neatly in the room.

The colorful environment makes kids work more efficiently. It also stimulates their imagination as children’s brains work based on what lies before their eyes.

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