5 Top Colostrum Health Benefits

Most moms are familiar with colostrum, and if you are a little fuzzy, it is the first milk produced at the end of a pregnancy and a few days following birth. While colostrum is not massively produced, the little amount is healthy and nutritious enough, not to mention easy to digest, to ensure that the newborns’ beginning of life is healthy and smooth. While primarily designated for newborns, colostrum, often referred to as nature’s first food has also been utilized in holistic health approaches for ages.

With its numerous health benefits, you can consume colostrum throughout your life and enjoy a healthier and active life. While wondering how colostrum could improve your lifestyle, you could be wondering, “What are the benefits of colostrum?” Read on and discover some of the significant benefits colostrum delivers in your health regimen.

Enhanced immune system

Among the most beneficial elements found in colostrum is lactoferrin. Lactoferrin helps in boosting your immunity by improving the immune-balancing T-cells as well as increasing white blood cells responsible for regulating the body’s defense against pathogens. What’s more, lactoferrin’s antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties also improve your health and immune system as they bind bacterial and viral cells inhibiting pathogen growth, thereby preventing their entry into your body cells. Your body’s capability to fight pathogens is a crucial concept, noting that a weakened immune system leaves you vulnerable to the slightest attacks. With colostrum’s immune system boost, you can comfortably enhance your health and keep various ailments at bay.

Reduced inflammation

Exposure to various toxins, stress, as well as unhealthy diets, can quickly lead to the damage of intestinal lining. This leads to leaky guts syndrome, a condition that causes a cascade of inflammations as undigested food particles and lipopolysaccharides (bacteria endotoxins), leaks into your bloodstream. With such leaks, you could suffer from chronic problems, including heart disease and autoimmune conditions.

Colostrum delivers anti-inflammatory benefits to your body, reducing such likelihoods. Lactoferrin, a component that is readily available in colostrum, is capable of binding such endotoxins and neutralize their effects, consequently reducing inflammation. Apart from leaky guts, other conditions such as psoriasis, among other high endotoxins related conditions effects, are also reduced by the anti-inflammatory benefits that colostrum delivers.

Enhanced gut health

In addition to reduced inflammation, lactoferrin promotes healthy bacteria growth in your gut. By acting as a prebiotic, lactoferrin stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria, including bifidobacterium and lactobacillus, as well as promote cell growth in the intestines, enhancing gastrointestinal tract health. These features, in addition to the anti-inflammatory benefits, further enhance damaged gut healing, improving your gut health.

Facilitates muscle and ligament healing

Colostrum is rich in antioxidants and growth factors such as IGF-I (insulin-like growth-factor-I). These elements promote muscle and ligament growth and healing, a concept that has seen colostrum supplementation popularity rise, especially for athletes. By reducing oxidative stress and muscle damage from high-intensity exercises, you can improve your athletic performance.

With colostrum’s contributions towards increased lean body mass in addition to the recovery from intense physical exercise, athletes have a lot to benefit from colostrum. While dealing with an injury or taking up a rigorous physical exercise in your health regimen, including colostrum goes a long way in enhancing your success rate since enhanced muscle and ligament healing, as well as growth, improves your performance, not to mention comfort from lessened pain from fast recovery.

Enhanced skin health

Taking care of your largest organ can be challenging. From hormonal changes, acne, eczema, among other conditions, you can easily be overwhelmed by the numerous options that could include chemicals that only worsen your skin challenge, especially if your skin is oily or sensitive. From telomerase, an enzyme that slows DNA aging, to epithelia/epidermal growth factor that enhances healthy cell regeneration, not to mention lactoferrin’s antimicrobial properties that enhance skin cells’ health, colostrum has a lot to offer to your skincare regimen. Since there are no chemicals involved, you don’t have to worry about side effects. What’s more, apart from topical application, with colostrum supplements, you can enhance your skin’s health with an inside-out approach.

While adopting a healthy regimen, including colostrum, enhances your health in numerous ways. The good news is, with the readily available powder and capsules colostrum supplements from reputable manufacturers, you can conveniently include it and enjoy its benefits.

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