5 Tips to Retain the Color of Your Toupees

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Wearing a toupee helps get that confidence boost but they come with some responsibility too. Even the most premium toupees out there need proper care and maintenance to retain their original hair color.

A lot of hair system wearers make the mistake of incorrectly maintaining and caring for their toupees, and end up damaging them. That’s why we collaborated with Lordhair – a leading hairpiece toupee brand – to unearth the best tips to retain the original toupee color and shine.

Let’s get started with some tips and ideas to retain toupee color for a long time:

Skip shampooing every day: Many men shampoo their toupee wigs almost every day. That’s not something leading hair wig manufacturers recommend. Shampoo only twice a week to increase its lifespan.

Use the right hair products: There is no dearth of shampoos and conditioners available on the market but only a few of them help retain toupee color. Invest in a toupee-friendly shampoo and conditioner to make the color last longer.

Shampoo and conditioner that is free from harmful chemicals will extend the lifespan of your wig hair.

Avoid hot water: Washing a toupee in hot water may feel right but it can spoil its color as well as shape. Most men’s hairpieces lose their color when exposed to hot water in the long run. So, we highly recommend lowering the temperature when it comes to toupee cleaning.

Wash your toupees in lukewarm water to retain the original or artificial color of your toupee hair for a long time.

Limit heat-based styling: Heat-based styling products like dryers are loved by modern men but too much heat is the enemy of toupee hair pieces. That’s why top stylists recommend clients avoid styling toupees with straighteners and curlers too frequently.

If you love to style, then, use heat protectant spray or serum to build a strong barrier between your toupee hair and damaging heat. This is the easiest way to protect your toupee!

Avoid sun: Just like heating equipment, sun rays are also the enemy of hair color. While staying away from the sun every time can be hard, it’s very much possible to prevent long-term exposure through hats.

We realize hats might be the last thing you want to think about wearing now you have your hair back but trust us, covering your hair when out will help you in retaining the color of your toupee hair for more than a year. So if you are out running errands or lying on the beach, reduce the excess exposure and cover your hair at times when you don’t need to be presenting your best self to the world!

Toupee care tips and ideas 

The above toupee maintenance ideas and hacks are recommended by top stylists to retain the hair color and base shape. Also, make sure that you are buying the hair system from a reputable supplier!

Have any questions in mind? Leave them in the comments to get a quick reply from top hair experts.

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