5 Tips for Working Out in the Heat

working out in the heat

Summer is fast approaching and with it come high temperatures. But the sunny weather outside is also an open invitation to exercising in the glory of the Sun, which is one of the most rewarding types of scenarios for exercising one can find. But there are things you should know about before going out there in the heat if summer and doing your exercise routine, and we will try to cover all of the most useful exercise tips in this article.

1. Skip the coffee – Drinking coffee before your run is known to improve your performance. But doing so before a run in very hot conditions can lead to faster dehydration. Remember coffee is both a stimulant and a diuretic, and you don’t want to be caught out there without enough water to keep you going. Drinking cold water before a jog in the heat is a much better option, as it will help keep your body temperature down. Remember to drink regularly, not only when you feel thirsty. Drink before, during and after your workout, not just while you’re at it. It will help keep you hydrated throughout the day and it’s a great way to ward off muscle cramps.

2. Eat after you work out – This is, of course, something you should do despite the temperature. But studies have shown that people tend to feel less inclined to have a meal after working out in the heat, and this is something that you need to fight against. You might not feel as hungry, but your body will need the nutrition as much or even more than after a workout in a cool temperature.

3. Hydrate in the pool – Swimming is a great activity when it’s hot, but it’s dangerous to think that just because you’re surrounded by water you don’t need to drink it. You’re still losing fluids and you’re still at risk for dehydration when swimming, so keep that water coming.

4. Less is more – In heat, you can’t perform as well as in more temperate temperatures. Your body’s core temperature will rise faster and you’ll lose more energy and more water while exercising. It’s important not to over-exert yourself and keep this in mind while working out in the heat. Remember that running the same distance or doing the same amount of reps on an exercise in the heat as you do in colder temperatures is already an increase on the work load, so don’t push it further than that.

5. Keep your clothes on – It’s a big temptation to shed some layers of clothes when working out in the heat, and guys like to work out shirtless in the summer months. But you should either keep your clothes on or apply a generous dose of sunscreen before taking them off. You don’t want a little extra cooling to get in the way of your health. Plus, wearing light colored, flowing clothes can be as cool as wearing no shirt, since it protects your body from direct sun exposure and helps dissipate the heat.

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