5 Things Wish to Know Before Entering Medical School

Joining medical school is the dream of every high school who would like to work in the world of medicine. It is the first step towards a successful career in one of the most respected professions and it is no wonder many students push themselves hard to gain admission including writing the best application medical paper. Well, after the first weeks and months of joining the medical school, many students discover it is not all glossy, and they struggle to complete the first year.

This article highlights crucial things you should remember to help prepare you for life in medical school. Keep reading.

  1. Med School is Tough

Every medical student will tell you how tough and time-consuming the journey to that white coat is and it is no wonder many students drop out along the way. Studying and classes take up almost all your time and you virtually forego your social life.

Your professors know what awaits you in the field and the fact that you will care for human life makes it important to equip you with all the skills needed. You have to prepare to work hard and put in over 12 hours every day.


Joining med school is the dream of many students

  1. Self-Doubt Is A Daily Thing

If you talk to anyone who has been through medical school, they will tell you how discouraging it can get and how self-doubt can wreck your dream. Many are the times you ask yourself why you had to pick medicine of all other courses available.

It is true you have dreamed of wearing that white coat and caring for patients but self-doubt along the way is a common occurrence. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) in a proposal to reduce medial school dropout rate says dealing with stress among students is an important first step.

  1. The MCAT Doesn’t Translate To Success In Med School

Millions of students with exemplary MCAT scores drop out of medical school, and for this reason, your score shouldn’t make you overconfident. The experience of med school will get a lot from you and demand even more. Whatever your MCAT score, you should prepare yourself for one of the toughest phases in your life. Forget all about the scores and prepare yourself to learn and earn your certification through hard work.

  1. Community and Mentorship are Crucial for Success

Many students join a medical school with lofty ideas and a sense of self-entitlement only to fail along the way. If you want to succeed through the rigorous training program, you have to seek mentorship from senior students and the faculty. Remember that the best learning environments are cooperative, not competitive and if you want to graduate, you have to learn how to work with others.

  1. Identify a few Good Resources

In the first week of med school, you will have multiple resources to use and these can intimidate you. Many students try to read everything but you should identify a few important resources to use. If you try to read everything provided, you end up doing nothing more.

With this insight, you are now ready to navigate through the tough life of the medical school.

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