5 simple changes in your actual life than can do your life better

1. Healthy breakfast: eat cottage cheese, is a nutritious food for breakfast, unsaturated fat, and besides hungry, it is also very delicious, so one serving 2-300 grams at breakfast will keep your hungry away enough until noon! And in addition, it contains a protein called slow-release casein, which helps both in bone mass and in muscle mass growth. Another food with similar effects is soft boiled egg, along with a portion of cottage cheese, it completes a breakfast that can be eaten once every 2-3 days with diversification: oily fish like salmon, herring and macro or cereals, nuts etc.

Eliminating bread and foods rich in saturated carbohydrates and fats would be an important step in health, even ideal.

2. Movement: The bone and muscle masses above must be moved – if you go to work and back or at least one of these two roads, the effects will be miraculous! Half an hour’s walk in the morning helps not only the physical part of our body but also the mental one, that half hour is enough to put the thoughts in order, clear the mind and oxygenate the brain enough for the whole day. If we have time to move in the afternoon too, a bike ride in the green areas of the city is ideal! It will not prevent anyone from moving at any time of the day, there are even exercises that can be done in the office chair: abdomen – either lifting the feet 10 cm above the floor or lifting the back of the seat back or stretching the legs forward under the desk !

3. Quitting smoking: Aside from the fact that they will no longer smell their hands, breathing and clothes, smoking cessation has tremendous effects on the body, it is known that there are over 4000 harmful substances in the smoke emitted by cigarettes. People who have already quit say they no longer feel fatigue in the morning and during the day, as blood pressure has been adjusted and the general condition has improved. Other benefits will also be seen in motion resistance about 2 weeks after cessation of smoking.

4. Sugar and Alcoholic Drinks: Jamie Oliver said sugar is the poison of our food, the food that shortens and destroys our lives, and that’s it! Excess sugar leads to an increase in insulin levels in the body, creates agitation and fats. Exactly the same thing is done by excess alcohol, and alcohol encourages the accumulation of fat in the skin, cellulite and in the internal organs – heart, pancreas and especially liver! On the other hand, moderate alcohol consumption has incredibly beneficial effects, 500 ml of daily beer or a glass of wine stimulates the circulatory system that is closely related to skin and fat accumulated in the skin.

Total renunciation of sugar in its native state as well as moderate alcohol consumption also improve the general condition of the body and the health of neuronal cells.

5. Water: Drink more water! Not the carbonated water, it balms and the belly will look like a sack that hangs dizzily in front of … instead of juices rich in sugars, with thousands of calories and dyes from different sources, an average water consumption of 2 liters per day moisturizes the exact quantity your body need, in excess consumption has nothing to do with water retention, contrary, a continuous flow of water in the body through perspiration or normal evacuation that the urine eliminates a large amount of toxins accumulated with time in the organs.

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