5 Signs That Your Memory Foam Mattress Needs To Be Changed

Memory foam is one of the most popular materials for comfy mattresses these days and for a good reason. The material is very adaptable and will accommodate your body shape as it gets warm offering an almost perfect spine alignment. Even more, besides latex, memory foam is one of the most durable materials on the market, if the foam’s density is 5+lb.

Still, every mattress will get old in time and start showing wear and tear. The same will happen with your favorite memory foam mattress and below I listed five signs that it’s time to look for a new one.

#1: Your Mattress is a Hammock

Most mattresses sag after a while but because the viscoelastic material (the one that makes the memory foam) is so flexible, the sagginess won’t be visible. Still, when you climb into bed at night, you feel you’re going deep towards the core while the edges remain up, and the mattress creates a hammock sensation.

This means your mattress is sagging; actually the inner core is the one that gave in and now the entire structure is shaky. This also means no back support and that you should think about a new mattress as soon as possible.

#2: The Level of Comfort

If you read this article, you’ll understand why most people consider this bed extremely comfortable and pleasant. Still, as the mattress gets older, the level of comfort will drop and it will come a time when the mattress won’t do anything for you anymore.

So, if you start waking up with back and neck pain and you have a general state of fatigue and weariness, this is a sign you should be paying more attention to your mattress.

#3: The Sleeping Position

We all have a favorite sleeping position and when you buy a new mattress, it’s recommended to take this into consideration. The memory foam mattress is recommended by specialists for side sleepers and since most of us tend to like this position, you understand why so many people like them.

Still, if you find you can’t sleep on your side anymore because the mattress seems to have shifted its allegiance towards a different position, the foam may have lost its responsiveness and flexibility. If this happens, a new mattress or a topper may be a good idea.

#4: The Age

We all age and a mattress is no different. Now, if you managed to keep the mattress working for over 8 years, it’s time to consider retirement. I know you like it and it molds just right to accommodate your body, but mattresses that are over 8 years old have lived their life. The foam gets old and the structure doesn’t offer the best back support and, to be fair, there are better products in today’s market with more interesting features.

#5: The Allergies

Do you wake up sneezing and with your sinuses clogged even though it’s not yet allergy season? It may not be the allergies after all. As they get older, memory foam mattresses tend to gather dust, bed bugs (dead or alive), and various allergens. These stuck to the structure of the foam so they can’t be totally removed and in time, they build up, becoming a nuisance.

These are the top five signs that show your mattress is closing into its final days. Still, my recommendation is to start looking for a new bed the moment one of these signs show up. The other four won’t be late to make their presence felt!

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