5 Reasons Why You Should Join Cycling Classes ASAP


Are you hopping on an indoor stationary bike with blaring music for 45 minutes? Are you dancing to music while lifting weights, cycling, and sweating? Isn’t that just the best? That’s precisely what happens in indoor cycling classes or what we also call, “spinning.” Cycling classes offer more than a good workout. I’m positive you’ll fall in love with spinning just as I did during my first class. In spin class, you come in exhausted and come out motivated and full of energy. Beyond the trend and hype, cycling can have some very good benefits for you. Here are some reasons why you should join cycling classes as soon as possible.

1. When you’re on the saddle, your energy is up.

Once you’ve hopped on your bike, the workout starts. Music plays a massive part in your workout. Instructors turn up the music and shift the lighting to keep the energy up. With that, there’s never a dull moment throughout the duration of the entire class, and you just get lost in the music. When you also see your instructor giving 110 percent to their workout, you’ll also be energized to keep up. Every now and then, the instructors also motivate you. As a result, you’ll push yourself to the limits and achieve more than what you thought you could. At the same time, you can also go on your own pace depending on your fitness level. With the music, time will just fly by.

2. You get a full-body workout

Not only do your legs get a workout, but your whole body too. In most cycling classes, they make use of resistance bands and weights to promote a full-body workout. Cycling classes make moves targeting your muscles on your upper body, to your core, and down to your legs. It provides a low-impact cardiovascular workout that improves stamina and bolsters your mood. Upper body workout includes some chest presses, tricep curls, arm raises, and others. Instructors incorporate choreography with the use of weights and resistance bands to activate muscles in your shoulders and arms. This is done while you’re pedaling on the saddle. Because of the kind of workout it provides, I do this even in my interval training studio when I’m home in Chicago.

3. You get a euphoric feeling

Going into a ride, you get to clear your mind and feel the energy from your fellow peers in the cycling class. There’s some kind of positive atmosphere that surrounds every spin class to motivate and push yourself to do more and feel great from a workout. The instructors do a great job in interacting with the class that you’ll feel motivated and delighted after the ride. For me, this is the most wonderful part of the workout – to sweat and leave happy and confident. Bet you still can’t imagine what kind of euphoric feeling I am talking about. Well, you’ll just have to join a cycling class to find out.


4. Anyone can do it.

Indoor cycling class is a very low-impact workout based on your level. So, coming to it as a beginner will be a breeze. Moreover, cycling is completely not competitive. You don’t even have to know how to ride a bike to join a cycling class since its stationary. It also fits the schedule of someone who is on the go. A regular cycling class would only take around 30 to 45 minutes and provides the same benefits of a longer workout. On the other hand, if you’re the type to have trouble motivating yourself to workout, cycling is perfect for you. Since cycling only takes a short while and induces a light exercise, it’s more convenient to come to spin class.

5. You become healthier

Cycling is a good low maintenance cardiovascular workout that you can regularly do. Such physical activity, when continuously done, will significantly reduce the chances of getting a heart attack and other heart-related diseases. Cardiovascular workouts also boost metabolism, promote leaner muscles, and increase endurance. The workout won’t only help your heart but also your blood flow. After a while, you’ll also notice your legs becoming leaner and your arms a bit more toned.

Personally, the spin class makes me feel alive, energized, and motivated while getting a good workout. There is much more to cycling than just riding on a stationary bike. Hope this article was able to convince you to join a cycling class as soon as possible.

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