5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Sleep Like a Baby Tonight


We all know that sleep is good for us.  We’ve all had that great feeling after a good night’s sleep, and that awful feeling after a sleepless night.  But does everyone actually know what sleep does for our bodies?  A lack of sleep, even if it doesn’t affect you now, will have a negative impact on your health in the long run.  The number of health problems associated with sleep problems is countless, but here are a few that will hopefully change your mind about staying up late tonight:

1) Sleep is a stress reliever

When you get a good night’s sleep, your blood pressure reduces and the amount of stress hormones released decreases.  This is a benefit for your entire body, especially your heart.  Less stress means better mood, more productivity and more energy.  If you become stressed often, it is likely that you will age faster and come down with more health problems.  Stress and sleep can sometimes contradict each other, though, meaning stress is often the reason for a lack of sleep.  If this becomes a problem, one should see a doctor and come up with other options to combat stress.

2) Sleep controls your appetite

Getting an adequate amount of sleep at night helps regulate hormones that are involved with appetite control.  When you lack sleep, your appetite will increase and you will crave carbohydrates (candy, cookies, ice cream…the unhealthy stuff!) because of uncontrolled hormones.  This becomes a problem for people who are trying to lose or control their weight.

3) Sleep reduces your risk for developing diabetes and heart disease

It is known that people who do not sleep enough produce glucose slowly, a condition that can lead to diabetes.  People who are at risk for the disease should be sure that they are getting enough sleep.  Blood pressure and cholesterol are regulated during sleep, and it also reduces the amount of stress and inflammation in the body.  These are all benefits because they reduce one’s risk for heart problems.

4) Sleep improves memory

When you sleep, your brain correlates and organizes memories.  This is why one will do better on a test after getting a good night’s sleep than if they stayed up all night studying.  When you lack sleep, it is inevitable that you will have difficulty concentrating.  Therefore, it will be more complicated to remember specific facts.  When you hear people say “why don’t you sleep on it” they aren’t lying!

5) Sleep will save your life…literally.

Okay, so it’s not smart to sleep while driving or doing other important tasks.  But getting proper amounts of sleep will decrease your risk for getting in any kind of accident—from car accidents to falling down the stairs.  If you have a long drive planned, make sure you sleep enough to avoid accidents.

Stress relief, appetite control, decreased risk of certain diseases, improved memory and reduced risk for accidents are only five of the benefits that a good night’s sleep has.  The amount of sleep that each person needs varies, but the typical recommendation is to get at least 7 to 8 hours a night.  Sleep problems should be taken seriously, even if they are minor.

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