5 Reasons to Use the Latisse Treatment for Lengthening Your Eyelashes



This is a guest post courtesy of Dr. Christopher Pavlou, the Founder, Owner, and practicing medical and aesthetics doctor at Skin Technique in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Latisse is a great treatment for thin, short eyelashes that is taking the beauty industry by storm. It was discovered from a drug used to treat glaucoma that doctors eventually realized stimulated the growth and thickness of their patients’ eyelashes over a prolonged period of use. While it is not fully understood as a treatment, Latisse has been approved by several countries — including America and Canada — for clinical use.

But is it worth it? What makes Latisse a better way to get longer, fuller eyelashes rather than just using mascara, eyelash extensions, or something else that’s been around for much longer? Here are five reasons why you should ask your doctor about getting prescribed Latisse to lengthen your eyelashes.

It’s a Safe Treatment

While Latisse is a new drug to treat thin or short eyelashes, it has been clinically tested and approved as safe for use by most people according to the FDA. The exceptions are people with certain pre-existing eye conditions, people who are currently taking certain medications that should not be combined with Latisse, and women who are pregnant. That is why you will need a prescription from a doctor to get Latisse.

However, aside from those conditions, it is a very safe treatment to receive. You are provided with applicators that you dab on your upper eyelashes before bed each night, and it spreads to your lower lashes when you blink. You need to make sure you clean your face of any makeup or debris, and remove any contact lenses, or you are more likely to get red, itchy eyes and darker skin around your eyes. More serious side effects can be caused if you re-use the sterile applicators or do not follow proper directions for use.

With proper use, however, you can expect to have thicker, longer, and more lush eyelashes after a couple of months.

It’s Pretty Affordable

A bottle with enough applicators to last one month will cost, on average, just over $100. There is some variation for where you live, and if you buy in greater volume for two or three months’ worth. Latisse should be used nightly for two months, and can be continued afterwards at a rate of one out of every two nights. So you will likely be spending around $250 for the two months, or maybe a bit less if you bought in bulk; if you go beyond the two months, you’ll spend a bit more.

That might seem like a lot, but consider that eyelash extensions can cost more — as much as $200 to $300 for the initial treatment — and then even more for refills or touch-ups. You can just use mascara or get cheaper extension treatments, but then you’re very much getting what you pay for — you might pay less, but you won’t get the same quality look from it.

More Natural than Extensions

Latisse works by promoting the growth, health, and thickness of your own natural eyelashes. This gives the appearance of your lashes a more natural look compared to even the highest quality eyelash extensions. It also means you don’t have to worry about any extensions falling out and having gaps in the look of your lashes.

If you are someone who is concerned about the ethical nature in which mink lash extensions are acquired, Latisse bypasses that worry completely.

You Can Use Mascara

Because Latisse works by improving your own eyelashes, you can also use whatever mascara you want along with the treatments. Depending on the quality of your eyelash extensions you might be able to use mascara with them, but are limited in the type to avoid damaging the extensions. You don’t have that limitation with Latisse-treated eyelashes, so you can get the best-looking eyelashes possible.

Great for Special Events

The limitation for Latisse so far is that, like eyelash extensions or mascara, the effects are not permanent. The effects of long-term use are still not known, for good or ill, so when you stop taking Latisse your lashes will eventually revert to the same size and thickness as their original state.

However, that makes it a great treatment when preparing for special events, like a major birthday celebration, a wedding, or anything else that you know is coming a few months in advance. You just need two to three months to take the treatments and have your lashes look their fullest at the right time.

About the Author:

Dr PavlouDr. Christopher Pavlou is medical doctor and board certified in aesthetic medicine. He is the owner and founder of Skin Technique, a medical aesthetic clinic in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. He has brought his philosophy of Honour Your Beauty to Skin Technique by offering a variety of specialized services including dermal fillers, anti wrinkle treatments, lasers and coolsculpting. When he isn’t performing naturally rejuvenating treatments and procedures, he loves to share his expertise and knowledge on aesthetic artistry with others who are looking to educate themselves in the evolving field of aesthetic medicine.

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