5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Starting a Cleanse

If you’re thinking about trying the oh-so-popular new trend of cleansing your body, first ask yourself these five questions:

5. Is this just a ‘quick fix’?

There are lots of great reasons to try a cleanse, however, if you’re starting a cleanse for weight loss purposes, you must first ask yourself: is this just a quick fix?

These drastic types of weight loss often lead to yo-yo dieting which is just as unhealthy as your nasty habits. The best diet is a lifestyle diet that incorporates healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

4. Should I speak with a professional?

Cleanses can be a great way to treat certain disorders, but specifically if you are someone with any health problems such as diabetes, you must first consult your doctor before going on a cleanse. Another good idea is always to develop a food plan with a nutritionist who may have a different diet in mind for you altogether.

3. How will I transition my body back to a diet full of whole foods?

Something that many people don’t think about when they go on a cleanse is how they will help to transition their diet post-cleanse. Your body will need a transitional phase in which it can get back to normal and adjust to eating whole foods.

This in addition to changing your old eating habits (if you’re someone who indulges in processed foods or doesn’t always make wise, healthy choices) will be essential to keeping your body healthy.


2. Is there an alternative way to accomplish my goal?

Maybe you’re looking to lose five pounds or maybe you’re struggling with digestive issues. But before immediately jumping to the conclusion that you should do a cleanse, look into other options out there.

Are you getting enough fiber in your diet? Could you possible try eating a raw food diet for a few days? Is there another way to accomplish your end goal without having to severely shock your system? These are all good questions to ask yourself.

1. Can I afford a cleanse?

The last and final question to ask yourself is – can I afford it? These cleanses are often pricey (each meal can cost a little under $10) or if you’re prepping your ingredients at home you will need to buy a juicer or other materials for your cleanse.

While cleanses are usually recommended for short-term use only, the cost to your wallet will play a big role in whether or not you chose to follow through.

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