5 Questions to Challenge You to Take Action

Confidence in yourself also involve staking action to achieve your dreams. The following questions are designed to motivate you to rise above the events in your life and gain more confidence in yourself.

take action

How is your inner voice speaking to you?

In your mind there is always an inner dialogue. Even as you read these lines, you might ask yourself: “What is this? How is my inner voice talking to me?” Your inner voice tries to make sense of this question.

What kind of voice do you have inside – an enjoyable and enriching one or an unhappy and criticizing one, hard to be pleased? Do you hear: “Well done. Things are going well and you’re cool. “or rather,” It’s happening again! I’ll never be good at this! “

Remember that your thoughts dictate the quality of your actions. If you take care of you from the inside, you’ll gain confidence in your actions on the outside. Start tuning into the inner dialogue in your head. If you hear it running you down and being highly critical, then practice replying with some positive phrases like: ‘I did my best there’ or ‘I can learn from this’ or even ‘Hey, it’s time to let that one go.’

Are you proud of your name?

Always introduce yourself before you state a business: “Hello! My name is … and I would like to talk to you about this or that. “Look at the person straight in the eye and pronounce your name with a smile every time you introduce yourself to someone. Even when talking on the phone and you cannot see the other person, keep your smile and imagine his face, you will notice positive exchange energy. When you’re proud of who you are, the others will value you even more. Set your expectation that you are a person of value that is worth connecting with.

Who do you hang out with?

Choose your friends carefully. People around you pull you up or drag you down? First, make sure you let go of toxic friendships – those relationships that drain your energy and enthusiasm, leaving you exhausted and depersonalized.
In their place, find people who are positive role models for you – who demonstrate qualities that you like more of. Discover everything you can about how they got where they are. When you find someone who has overcome obstacles that you fear, use their.

How do you experience failures and mistakes?

People with high degree of confidence view failures and mistakes as necessary steps in their life journey. As great inventors and scientists know, success requires persistence. Every time an experiment fails in one point, they do an analysis of each detail, make adjustments and try again. Winners toughen up their skin and succeed by viewing failure as a temporary inconvenience and a step in the direction of achieving their goals.

After any failure, remember the following three factors:

  1. Values: those important things to you, that help you make certain choices and take certain decisions;
  2. Goal: What you want to achieve;
  3. Talent: those excellent qualities of yours.

What is your dream beyond anything else?

How often do you allow yourself to dream about what you truly want to become? Maybe you had ambitious dreams for you when you were young, but the years have passed? What would you say about your biggest dream beyond your daily plans, that stimulating and exciting dream? Turn it into a goal that motivates you, write on a sheet of paper as in detail what you want, referring to how it look like and what you feel when you have accomplished it. Each day that passes, revise the plan and take action, introduce one daily habit, however tiny, that takes you closer to your ideal. At the same time, drop the negative thoughts or actions that hamper your success.

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