5 Push-up Variations You Should Try for Chest Workout

Push-ups are one of the most fundamental yet the effective workouts you can try for conditioning the body and strengthening the core. Push-ups can be a decent choice as a muscle building exercise. To be very precise, push-ups can be a great workout if you are looking forward to toning the muscles in your shoulders, chest, abs, and triceps. Here are five most effective push-up variations you should try for a chest workout. Let’s check them out in the following!

Push-up Variations:

You will be surprised to know that there are several forms of push-ups along with the basic or the regular push up form. Along with the basic push-up form, you can try some advanced level push-up variations to bring a new dimension to your chest workout and make the session more intense. You can try these variations by turns when you already mastered the basic form of chest workout.

  1. Clap Push-up:

The very first advanced level push up you can try for training the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and triceps are the Clap Push-up. This particular variation of push up is almost like the basic form. What you just need to do is- lifting up both your hands and clap before you land. It requires a lot of practice to perform the advanced level push-ups. So, don’t be panic stricken to master the variations.

  1. Clap Behind Push-up:

When you achieve the control over the landing timing while trying Clap Push-up, it’s time to try another variation- the Clap Behind Push-up. In this particular form, you will require more core control and need to be swifter to take your hands behind the back within the blink of an eye, clap, and land back to the basic push-up position.

  1. Archer Push-up:

Archer push-up is fairly basic push-up with a bit exception. Unlike the basic form, you need to place your hands a bit wider and bend just one arm each time while hitting the floor. While trying this variation, remember to keep the elbow of opposite arm slightly straight while the arm will bend a bit to keep pace.

  1. Stagger Plyo Push-up:

In this particular variation, you need to switch the position of your hands back and forth each time you hit the floor and push your body upwards. As a beginner, you might find it a bit challenging. However, don’t be afraid to dare this variation.

  1. X-tap Push-up:

When you are done with the Clap or Clap behind Push-up, you are more likely to find the X-tap push-up variation is quite similar to those with the slightest difference. In this variation, you just need to make an “X” shape with the hands instead of clapping before you land. This is pretty simple when you master the Clap or Clap behind Push-up.

Along with these most effective advanced level push up forms for chest workout, you can also try other core building exercises guided by the professionals at Buffedd. Remember to make sure you are trying these variations on a soft floor. Also, don’t forget to warm yourself up before you try these advanced level push up forms.

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