5 Proven Vaginal Tightening Tips


Having a loose vagina can be problematic for a number of reasons. At the top of the list, it can seriously impact your self-esteem. It can also harm your ability to enjoy your sex life to its fullest. If you have a loose vagina, then it stands to reason that you would love to learn how to tighten your vagina. While this might seem a little humiliating, it shouldn’t be. Maintaining a tight vagina is something almost every woman must consider. The vagina is extraordinary for the degree to which it can maintain tightness and elasticity on its own. However, as one gets older, it can still become loose.

Some of the most common loose vagina causes includes childbirth, obesity, menopause, or even regularly lifting heavy objects.

Rather than let this get you down, why not consider some proven vaginal tightening tips? As you will soon discover, there are a lot of easy ways to tighten a vagina.

  1. Make Some Changes To Your Diet

A good diet will go a long way towards strengthening your pelvic floor. Foods that offer high degrees of natural estrogen can be a good place to start. Fenugreek, apples, wheat berries, soybean foods, and carrots are all good examples of what I’m talking about.

Wholegrain organic carbs, as well as organic lean animal proteins, are also smart additions to a diet to improve vaginal tightness. A good diet is going to benefit all of your inner muscles.

Avoid vinegar, ingested, or applied topically. This is a fiction that has become a supposed natural treatment. It can actually cause a lot of problems.

  1. Do Some Kegel Exercises

In terms of how to tighten a vagina, Kegels are just about at the top of the list. You will want to start by locating the right muscles. This can be done by impeding your urination in mid-stream. If you are successful in doing this, then you have found the correct muscles. The next step will be to lie down on your back. From here, start squeezing your pelvic floor muscles. You only need to do this for a few seconds. Do your best to avoid clenching things like abdomens, thigh muscles, and butts.

Spending ten minutes a day on these Kegel exercises will likely produce positive results before long.

  1. Aloe Vera?

The health benefits of aloe vera makes for a long list indeed. Believe it or not, but you can achieve a great deal of success by applying the gel from aloe vera plants to your vaginal lips. You will likely need to do this as many as six times per day, before you will see any results.

Aloe vera can also make for a safe, effective lubricant during sex with your partner. It can even help to fight off things like vaginal dryness, vaginal prolapses, and vaginal discomfort.

  1. The Many Benefits Of Yoga

Another concept with a long list of perks would certainly be yoga. Regular practice will certainly help to tone the muscles of your vagina. Not only are you working on the pelvic floor muscles, but you are also going to go a long way towards strengthening those crucial muscles, as well. The Bridge Pose and Child’s Pose are two excellent examples of yoga exercises that improve vaginal tightness. Given how much breathing these exercises require, it is easy to see why they can tighten your pelvic muscles to a significant degree. You will want to repeat these poses several times throughout the week.

One of the nice things about those poses in particular is that they aren’t particularly complex or physically taxing. You can also add additional yoga poses, in order to enjoy a wider range of advantages of practicing yoga.

  1. Meet The Vaginal Cone

To be fair, vaginal cones do not look like the most comfortable thing in the world. Yes, they are indeed going to go exactly where you think they will go. Nonetheless, these cones are not particularly uncomfortable. They can also help enormously at strengthening the walls of the vagina. Obviously, you won’t need to wear one all day. Simply wearing it for approximately fifteen minutes a day, twice, will help.

As your pelvic muscles strengthen, you can move up to heavier cones.

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