5 Natural Ways to Get Better Sleep

What to Do If You're Having a Hard Time Sleeping

Sleep heals. This might sound like something your grandmother would say but there’s a good reason for that. It’s the truth. Getting enough sleep each night helps us process the day’s events, gives us a sense of well-being, assists in hormone balancing, and provides a raft of other benefits. Chronic insomnia or sleep loss, on the other hand, can lead to increased blood pressure, immune system deficiencies, weight gain, and other problems, according to the Harvard Women’s Health Watch.

Clearly, your grandma was correct. Sleep does heal, and if you’re struggling to get your eight hours of shut-eye, here are a few natural tips to help.

Keep a Consistent Bedtime

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One of the main suggestions for overcoming insomnia and getting to sleep is to head to bed at the same time each night. This simple habit will help train your body to relax at the expected time. It might take a few nights to figure out your optimum bedtime, but keep trying. Too early and you could end up staring at the ceiling. Too late and you might not get enough rest by the time your alarm goes off.

Stay Cool

Tossing and turning when it’s too hot in your bedroom can be a common cause of insomnia. But do you really want to leave your cozy bed to go adjust your home’s HVAC system in the middle of the night? Instead, control the temperature with a Wi-Fi thermostat connected to the internet. You can make alterations right from your bedroom if you need to, and once you’ve settled on a good temperature for sleeping, you can program it to automatically shift before bed.

Use Aromatherapy 

The sense of smell is powerful. It can trigger memory and emotions in an instant because our olfactory nerve communicates directly with the brain. The alternative practice of aromatherapy takes advantage of this connection, linking fragrances with their effects on the nervous system.

While some scents are energizing and perk us up, others provide a calming influence — perfect for helping with sleep. Before bed, try having a warm bath scented with essential oils that encourage relaxation such as lavender or clary sage.

Have a Bedtime Snack 

That last glass of red wine might lead you to unconsciousness but in the long run, alcohol interferes with normal sleep rhythms. Instead of uncorking the bottle, try warming up a mug of milk. This particular beverage can help summon feelings of well-being equated to childhood and thus encourage sleep.

Skip the Screens

Apart from using your smartphone to adjust your Wi-Fi thermostat, it’s a good idea to put screens away if you’re having trouble falling asleep. Many of us are aware that electronic screens stimulate the brain — bad news when you’re trying to stay calm and go to sleep. Try turning off notifications and slip your phone into a drawer at least one hour before bedtime.

Most of us could use better sleep but we might not want to take a pill to get it. Hopefully, these natural suggestions will help you get to sleep and stay there in order to improve your energy and your health. Sweet dreams!

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