5 High Fiber Fruits That You Should Eat Every Day


When people go from one extreme to another, by switching between diets or consuming junk food only, we often forget about fibers and how important they are. We keep track of protein, carbs, and fat intake, but what about the good old fibers?

Fibers are associated with gut health, but experts from a weight loss clinic Chicago told us that fibers are carbs that our bodies can’t digest. And just because they don’t provide us with energy doesn’t mean they’re bad; on the contrary, they are genuinely caring when it comes to our health. Studies have shown that 95% of Americans don’t get their recommended daily dose of fiber (around 35g for adult men and 30g for women). Maybe that’s because we associate it with eating grainy food or cereals. However, there are so many fiber-filled fruits we all know and love and that we should include in our diets. Why should we? Well, fibers take good care of our gut health, blood sugar levels and prevent several gut diseases, including cancer, Crohn’s disease, and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). So here you go – 5 types of fiber-packed fruits you can take every day:

  1. Berries: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, you name it. By eating 100g grams of your preferable berries, you can get yourself up to 10g of fiber. You probably have your favorite type, so grab a handful right now! Another advantage is that you can take them frozen (it’s cheaper and present all year long) and include them in your smoothie of choice.
  2. Citrus fruits: once again, you can choose between lemons, oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, pomelos… And they’ll fill you up with up to 3g of fiber for a 100g intake, alongside a daily dose of vitamin C. Eat them fresh, or make a juice – but make sure to take that pulp too!
  3. Apples: you know the saying – and it stands to this day; an apple a day will also provide you with more than 4g of fiber (in a medium-size apple). Take it on it’s own, sprinkle some cinnamon on, and bring back that warm, holiday mood. Keep the skin on though, that’s where the fibers are.
  4. Prunes: it’s easy to calculate your fiber intake with this one – one prune contains about 1g of fiber. You can take your plums as well, but prunes are well known for relieving constipation thanks to a component named sorbitol. Make yourself a snack from a handful of prunes and some nuts, or put them in boiling water and then take both the fruit and the water it’s been soaking in.
  5. Dates: these have become very popular lately, but they were well-known even centuries ago. They have many health benefits, but when it comes to fiber, they’ll pack you up with an impressive 8g for a 100g serving. However, they are also high in sugar, so don’t go over the board. You can also make some tasty and healthy energy bars or balls.

And there you go, five well-known and affordable types of fruits that will make sure you enhance your fiber intake in no time. Still, try to do it gradually because your gut microbiome needs time to get used to a higher fiber intake. Try to mix these up, both for the sake of fun and because different types of fruit have different fiber contents. Nowadays, fruits are incorporated in many savory dishes, and we guarantee you won’t run out of options for a long time!

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